Small gifts for a bride-to-be

Small Gifts for a Bride-To-Be

Whether it’s your best friend or an acquaintance who's getting married, you need to find the perfect gift for her. Add to her excitement with a thoughtful gift!
pandemic Caribbean-American communities

Caribbean-American communities still reeling from pandemic

In the months between Miami Carnival in October and the New Year, South Florida is usually busy with a slate of music concert, food festival and holiday...
Caribbean charities COVID-19

Caribbean Charities double down to help during COVID-19 crisis

In the Caribbean’s fight against COVID-19, there are many battlegrounds: in the hospital wards with medical professionals lacking supplies to protect themselves, in homes where families struggle...
Caribbean gift ideas

Check out these 10 amazing gift ideas from Caribbean brands

More so now than ever, we need to show some love and support for our creators across the Caribbean diaspora. So, why not support unique...
Jerk Festival 2020

Essential Jerk Festival 2020 Activities to Know – October 25 LIVE

For almost 20 years, the date of the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival has had a permanent thumbtack on the calendars of South Florida residents. It...
Caribbean American Black

Being Black in the United States: A Caribbean American perspective

For Caribbean people, discovering what it means to be Black in the United States is a rite of passage—that perspective-shifting moment when you realize that, unlike the...
Foodie Nadine Sutherland

Singer and Foodie Nadine Sutherland’s Secret to The Best Curry Goat

Music and food are two of the Caribbean’s most sought-after exports. And perhaps no other regions loves both so much in equal measure. With this in mind,...
A picture jerk chicken and plantain kebabs.

These Jamaican Comfort Food Recipes Take Us Back Home

Nothing summons a sense of home quite like the scent of something familiar and delicious cooking on the stove. For those seeking some respite for both body...
Caribbean Designer tableware

Create a Stylish Dinner with This Caribbean Designer Tableware

When it comes to preparing a meal, a beautiful presentation can make a dish taste extra delicious, just as much as any seasoning. With this in mind,...

Best Haitian Children’s Books to Entertain your Kids

Nothing ignites a child's imagination like a good story. Caribbean kids need good books to help sharpen their minds and enrich their knowledge on their cultural heritage....