Foodie Nadine Sutherland
Jamaican singer and foodie Carlene Davis

Music and food are two of the Caribbean’s most sought-after exports. And perhaps no other regions loves both so much in equal measure. With this in mind, we tapped some of the Caribbean’s most beloved music stars to talk about the foods that excite their palates. Jamaican singer and unapologetic foodie Nadine Sutherland has been winning the hearts of music fans since she launched to fame in 1979 when she won a popular talent contest in Jamaica at 11. Since then, she has enjoyed a prolific career, with Billboard hits like “Action” and “Anything for You.” She is big into Jamaican cuisine, whether traditional or vegan.

Currently Craving: I love curry goat cooked on a wood fire. Watching goat being cooked in an oil pan over a wood fire is also one of my earliest, most vivid memories of Jamaican country life.

Favorite Caribbean Dish To Cook At Home: I love cooking rice and peas. I don’t think I was taught directly. I just watched my mother and other elders cook it over the years. I picked up the basics from them, and then over time, I added my own touch. Now I’ll teach anyone who wants to learn. My rice and peas are a family favorite whenever we gather, especially at Christmas.

Go-to Caribbean Spot: My favorite go-to place for Caribbean vegan food in Kingston is the Cheffing Don. For meals that include meat, I go to Sonia’s Homestyle Cooking, Triple T’z, or Jojo’s Jerk Pit. One of my essential stops, when I’m on tour in South Florida, is the Treelion Vegetarian Restaurant in Miami. The food is plant-based, organic, and very delicious.

Your Caribbean Essentials: I usually stock up on natural seasonings, seasonal fruits, and vegetables.

One Dish Every Visitor Should Try: They should try our Jamaican curry goat with rice and peas and fried plantain. It’s simply delicious when cooked properly. If you get goat meat that is soft and succulent and cooked with the right curry, you’ll experience gastronomical heaven.


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