caribbean fusion cuisine

Chef Creole: South Florida’s King of Caribbean Fusion Cuisine

Island Origins Director of Business Development Tamara Philippeaux recently had a chat with her old friend, celebrity chef and serial entrepreneur Ken Sejour, the...
Chef Thia's New signature Haitian Spices

An Exclusive Look at Chef Thia’s New Line of Signature Haitian Spices

An accomplished culinary expert and social media influencer known for Haitian-fusion cuisine and a larger-than-life personality, Cynthia Verna is adding a few new elements to...
Caribbean singers and rappers

These 6 Powerful Caribbean Singers and Rappers Transformed Pop Music

In a highly competitive music industry, it's often hard to get your voice heard. This is especially true for those who are willing to break boundaries, adding...
Caribbean-American women in journalism

Caribbean-American Women in Journalism

In times of turmoil and uncertainty, the best journalists have always been the voice of reason, providing facts and context to cut through confusion. These Caribbean-American women...
Caribbean-American women in politics

Who Run the World? Meet the Amazing Caribbean-American Women in Politics

For Americans among minority and immigrant communities, equal representation in American governance remains an urgent goal. So much still needs to be done, but many Caribbean-American women...
Caribbean charities COVID-19

Caribbean Charities double down to help during COVID-19 crisis

In the Caribbean’s fight against COVID-19, there are many battlegrounds: in the hospital wards with medical professionals lacking supplies to protect themselves, in homes where families struggle...
Caribbean art during COVID-19

How creativity endures: Making Caribbean Art during COVID-19

Filled with breathtaking challenges that have tested our faith and endurance, 2020 has been a year like no other. But, depending on...
Abner Louima

Abner Louima Shares his Powerful Survivor’s Story from Police Brutality

“God himself says that you have to forgive to be forgiven. I don't forget what happened. But I do forgive.” 
COVID-19 support in Miami-Dade County

Get COVID-19 support in Miami-Dade County for locals

From families to small businesses, all have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many have been left in financial uncertainty....
Karen Andre for Island Origins Magazine

Karen Andre: How This Exceptional Haitian American is Helping Build a Coalition

“Having gone through it, a presidential is literally building the plane while you're flying it at the same time. You never have all the...