Ways To Help Kids Connect With Their Heritage

Ways To Help Kids Connect With Their Heritage

Our Caribbean heritage is a source of pride to us, and it should be for our children as well. Here, we offer fun ways to introduce your kids to their heritage.
Taste The Islands Experience

Fourth Outing In The Works For Taste The Islands Experience Festival

Fans of Caribbean cuisine, culture and travel enjoyed a weekend of indulgences at the 3rd annual Taste the Islands Experience, held April 27-28 in downtown Fort Lauderdale....

How Caribbean artist Miles Regis Transforms Scraps Into Art

Mixed media takes on a whole need meaning for Caribbean artist Miles Regis. Born in Trinidad and currently based in LA, he has become prolific in both fine...

These Ladies’ Empowering Stories Will Inspire Your New Year’s Resolutions

2018 proved a chaotic year around the globe, but we also witnessed many rays of hope and triumph, with inspiring stories of everyday people overcoming the odds...
Caribbean winter vacation

Enjoy Holidays In The Sun At These Dream Caribbean Winter Vacations

From pageants to street parades, add these unique Caribbean winter vacation destinations to your bucket list. Like birds flying to warmer climes in the wintertime, travelers around the...

Best Haitian Children’s Books to Entertain your Kids

Nothing ignites a child's imagination like a good story. Caribbean kids need good books to help sharpen their minds and enrich their knowledge on their cultural heritage....
Small gifts for a bride-to-be

Small Gifts for a Bride-To-Be

Whether it’s your best friend or an acquaintance who's getting married, you need to find the perfect gift for her. Add to her excitement with a thoughtful gift!
Caribbean gift ideas

Check out these 10 amazing gift ideas from Caribbean brands

More so now than ever, we need to show some love and support for our creators across the Caribbean diaspora. So, why not support unique...
Caribbean Charities

3 Caribbean Charities Capture the True Meaning of the Holidays

  Extravagance takes the spotlight during the holidays, giving back to those in need remains the true heart of the season. Many innovative Caribbean charities and non-profit organizations...

Let’s Talk About a Living Will

What is a living will? A living will is a term used to describe a “legal” document you can create which...