Visit Lauderdale Welcomes Everyone Under the Sun with LauderDeals

Summer Savings Campaign Launching June 1st Features Discounts on Hotels and Attractions, Plus Special Offers with Dine Out Lauderdale and Spa Days

TechBeach Retreat Launches $4M Program to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Caribbean

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Jan. 1, 2021 -- TechBeach Retreat, the Caribbean tech platform connecting the Caribbean with the global tech ecosystem, is launching TBR Lab, an...
Top Tips for Renting Out Your Vacation Home

Top Tips for Renting Out Your Vacation Home

Rather than let your vacation home sit vacant, you should consider renting it out when not in use for extra income can easily become passive income.
Haitian owned businesses

3 Haitian Owned Businesses That Leveled Up Despite COVID

The police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last summer reignited the long simmering Black Lives Matter movement and invigorated broader campaigns for Black...
Chef Thia's New signature Haitian Spices

An Exclusive Look at Chef Thia’s New Line of Signature Haitian Spices

An accomplished culinary expert and social media influencer known for Haitian-fusion cuisine and a larger-than-life personality, Cynthia Verna is adding a few new elements to...
COVID-19 support in Miami-Dade County

Get COVID-19 support in Miami-Dade County for locals

From families to small businesses, all have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many have been left in financial uncertainty....
Caribbean-American Small Businesses

How Can Caribbean-American Small Businesses Survive COVID-19?

Act of God — these three words universally strike at the heart of every small business. In contracts and insurance policies, the dreaded...
Caribbean music industry

How Will the Caribbean Music Industry Survive COVID-19?

This past May, amid the desperate uncertainty surrounding the expanding COVID-19 pandemic, reggae music fans found a moment of escape when dancehall legends Beenie Man and Bounty...
Lauderhill Entertainment District

New Entertainment District Aims to Transform the City of Lauderhill

The most traveled gateway to the City of Lauderhill is about to get a major facelift thanks to new plans for an entertainment district. Initiatives including the...
Haitian Entrepreneur Kevin Celisca

Haitian Entrepreneur Kevin Celisca Is Changing Education Post COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the United States, the education system has been thrown into a logistical crisis. Navigating social distancing advisories, schools, teachers and...