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Jamaica, an island nation renowned for its reggae music, stunning beaches, delicious food and warm hospitality, has also carved a niche in the world of social media influencers. These digital personalities have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, showcasing Jamaica’s culture, lifestyle and unique charm. Let’s delve into the lives and online personas of the five most popular Jamaican social media influencers shaping the digital landscape today.

Rushane Campbell | @rushcam

With his infectious energy and comedic prowess, @rushcam has become a household name in Jamaica’s social media scene. Born Rushane Campbell, this content creator has amassed a substantial following across various platforms, including Instagram, YouTube and TikTok with hilarious skits and relatable content that resonates with Jamaican youth culture, alongside fashionable outfit inspo, envy-inducing vacation photos and Carnival outings. 

Campbell’s appeal lies in his ability to blend humor with social commentary, tackling everyday scenarios with a comedic twist. From impersonating Jamaican mothers to satirizing current events, his videos strike a chord with audiences worldwide. One of his most popular clips involves reenacting typical Jamaican family dynamics during Christmas dinner, eliciting laughter and nostalgia from viewers. Outside of comedy, Campbell keeps it real with his followers with unfiltered vlogs of his vacation experiences, “a day in the life” videos and fun times out with friends. 

Bella Blair | @thebellablair

Bella Blair is a rising star in Jamaica’s influencer landscape who has captivated audiences with her multifaceted talents. Her online presence spans Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, where she shares glimpses of her life, music, modeling and creative projects. Bella’s niche revolves around promoting self-love, empowerment and authenticity and uses her platform to address mental health issues, even sharing her own struggles and offering support to her followers. Notable among her content is a series of candid vlogs documenting her journey towards self-acceptance and personal growth, inspiring others to embrace their imperfections and celebrate their uniqueness. Beyond her role as a social media personality, Bella is also a singer and actress. 

Andrew Trabass | @duttyberryshow

Born out of the creative genius of Andrew Trabass, The Dutty Berry Show is a fun personality, informational and comedy-based channel that has garnered a devoted fan base both in Jamaica and abroad. Specializing in parody videos, music reviews, “social media countdowns,” interviews, fun facts about the Caribbean community and social commentary, The Dutty Berry Show’s content offers a refreshing blend of humor and insight into Jamaican culture.

Trabass’ claim to fame stems from his hilarious music reviews, where he provides witty commentary on the latest dancehall and reggae tracks alongside up and coming singers. One of his first videos that really garnered him attention was his analysis of the popular The Voice contestant, Jamaican artist Tessanne Chin.

His animated reactions and sharp wit have earned him widespread acclaim, with many eagerly awaiting his verdict on new releases. In addition to his music reviews, The Dutty Berry Show also creates skits and vlogs, showcasing his comedic versatility and knack for entertaining storytelling.

Rohan Perry | @quiteperry

Rohan Perry, better known now as Quite Perry, is a comedic powerhouse revered for his larger-than-life personality and razor-sharp wit. Rising to fame as an Instagram comedian, he cleverly uses Jamaican cultural stereotypes to create relatable and humorous content, gaining over 700,000 followers on Instagram and 120,000 fans on Facebook.

Quite Perry’s content spans a wide range of topics, from relatable skits to comedic commentary on current events. His ability to infuse everyday situations with humor and charisma has endeared him to audiences of all ages. Notable among his clips is a series of comedic rants addressing common pet peeves and societal quirks, resonating with viewers through his candid observations and comedic enthusiasm. Outside of comedy, the influencer also shares glimpses into his personal life as a husband and father along with personal anecdotes, keeping his content transparent, relatable and open to his devoted audience. 

Vincent Ross and Chad Subratie | @yaadbwoys

Composed of the dynamic duo of Vincent Ross, aka “Prynce Vynce” and Chad Subratie, aka “Chaddy Bwoy,” the YaadBwoys have become synonymous with comedic excellence in Jamaica’s YouTube, Instagram and TikTok sphere, where they entertain audiences with their unique brand of humor and chemistry by parodying Jamaican culture and everyday scenarios, often incorporating elements of slapstick comedy and satire. Whether impersonating overprotective Jamaican fathers or reenacting popular movie scenes with a Caribbean twist, their videos never fail to elicit laughter and entertainment. 

Though they’ve taken a break from posting due to mental health and personal elements in their own lives, some of their most memorable clips are constantly getting new views today, including a hilarious portrayal of Jamaican mothers, a skit about ordering at a Jamaican restaurant and a parody of an island barber who thinks the customer doesn’t know best.


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