Julia Bowman, a Belizean children’s book author, is on a mission to rewrite the narrative for single parents and their children. Drawing inspiration from her own journey as a divorced single mom, Julia weaves the rich tapestry of Belizean beauty into her works, infusing her children’s book and her blog, Memoirs of a Healing Woman, with authenticity and heart. Through her writing, she reveals the evolving dynamics of modern families, destigmatizing the nontraditional new normal for households worldwide.

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What inspired your interest in becoming a children’s book author?

Being an author was always something that tugged at my heart. Long before society labeled me as a registered nurse and a divorced single mom, I dreamed in words. Life led me down unexpected paths and I briefly set aside my dream of writing when I chose to pursue nursing. But the universe had other plans. The birth of my daughter ignited a spark within me. She became my muse, inspiring me to embrace my authentic self and share that journey with others.

Through the challenges of divorce and single parenthood, I sought solace in literature, only to find a gap that needed filling. I yearned for stories that mirrored my experiences and offered healing. In that pursuit, I found my purpose — to be a voice for those navigating similar paths. Thus, fueled by love for my daughter and a desire to connect with kindred spirits, I embarked on the journey of writing a children’s book, sharing my story through Memoirs of a Healing Woman, and more recently getting enrolled as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. It’s a journey of self discovery, healing and connection.

What are some of the shifts you see coming that will affect how you deliver for the audience you serve?

As a Caribbean-raised woman and author, I foresee seismic shifts in family dynamics that challenge traditional norms. Growing up, I witnessed the evolution of family structures and I believe we’re entering an era of heightened societal awareness. In this evolving landscape, connecting with kindred spirits becomes crucial. The proverbial ‘it takes a village’ rings true as we collectively raise awareness and support one another. By addressing mental health issues and embracing diverse family dynamics we can start fostering a more inclusive and supportive society for the generations to come.

How do you advise others to develop their career strengths? How do you compensate for the areas where you are not as strong in your own career?

Developing career strengths? I say instead of just finding ourselves, let’s create who we want to be. Discovering purpose within our own abilities is truly beautiful. Stepping off the path of expectation allowed me to nurture the unique parts of me. I recall moments of doubt while writing this book and sharing on my blog. Who was I to offer advice? But then I realized, life experiences are just as valuable as anything. It’s about showing up with authenticity and courage that truly matters.

Who was the most influential or inspiring person in your life and why?

My daughter. She’s the mentor that crashed into me and transformed me completely. Children have this incredible way of reflecting back to us. Coming from a divorced home myself, I witnessed the devastation it can bring. As a woman and mother to a girl, I was determined to teach her the power of walking away from anything or anyone that no longer brings joy. And I wanted her to understand that letting go can lead to a new and brighter chapter, both in our lives and in our minds.

What are you most grateful for in your life?

I am immensely grateful for my capacity for gratitude. It’s like a switch that transforms how we perceive the world. Once you’re in that mindset, it becomes nearly impossible to be pulled away from it too long. Gratitude has the power to shape our outlook and enrich our lives.

What is your favorite Caribbean tradition?

Carnival, without a doubt. There’s simply nothing else like it. Beyond the costumes and rhythms, I find it’s so empowering, especially as a woman. Carnival has a unique way of elevating my spirit and connecting me to my inner vibration.

Are there any important upcoming projects or developments you’re looking forward to executing in the near future?

I’m so excited to even be able to share this with you! Currently I’ve been focused on expanding my children’s book series and eager to create a platform where I can actively engage with the Caribbean women’s community.

How can our readers follow you online?

I would be honored to have you journey with me on my blog, Memoirs of a Healing Woman, and explore my children’s book, “The Best of Both Worlds,” available on Amazon.


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