Exterior Home Improvement Projects To Try This Summer

What’s a home without a little bit of exterior personality and curb appeal? Your home should radiate the positive energy of the sunny coasts and warm waters of the Caribbean, and the easiest way to create those vibes is with some exterior handiwork. If you’re searching for the perfect exterior home improvement projects to try this summer, these projects will make your home a bright beacon of love and togetherness in any neighborhood once they’re finished.

Update Your Landscaping

Exterior Home Improvement Projects To Try This Summer

Flowers, plants, and beautiful displays in front of your home send a welcoming message to neighbors, guests, and passersby. Get your green thumbs ready this summer by creating an elegant front-facing flower garden that stands out in the neighborhood.

Try planting native plants to encourage visits from local fauna or try your hand at growing flowers that represent the Caribbean. Depending on your climate, it may not be possible to grow tropical plants, but with the right care and some extra determination, it could be possible.

Create an Outdoor Entertaining Area

What better way to celebrate the return of summer gatherings than with your very own entertaining space? This year is the year to give your forever home the backyard you’ve always dreamed of—an entertaining space for you, your friends, and your family.

Exterior Home Improvement Projects To Try This Summer

Chart out a blueprint for the yard and pick a direction to go with your outdoor entertaining area, whether it’s a hot tub, pool, or outdoor kitchen. Fill in your backyard canvas with expertly done landscaping and plan your next get-together as soon as you finish the work.

Add a Splash of Tropical Color to Your Home

Exterior Home Improvement Projects To Try This Summer

If you’re searching for an exterior home improvement project to try this summer that will make your home stand out in the neighborhood, try adding color to the outside of your home! Change your home’s paint color or accessorize the exterior with pops of color—like bright shutters or unique molding. Finish the house with a vivid door, soothing windchimes, and cute patio furniture. You’ll feel as though you’re on the beach even when you’re just spending time in your entryway.


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