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Haiti | Founder at Chef Creole Seasoned Kitchen

“It’s our responsibility as businessmen that, as much was given, we also give back to the community.” Wilkinson “Ken” Sejour

Chef Wilkinson “Ken” Sejour is the founder of the popular Haitian-fusion restaurant chain Chef Creole Seasoned Kitchen, which boasts six South Florida locations. With Haitian and Bahamian roots, the businessman, philanthropist and advocate is beloved for his dedication to uplifting his community. He is the co-founder of the Little Haiti Optimist Club and actively raises awareness for Caribbean inclusion in the food industry. For his community service, including sponsoring sports teams, providing school supplies, and offering mentorship and motivational talks to young people, he was given the keys to Little Haiti.

From His Perspective

At the start of professional life:

Many factors contributed to propelling Chef Creole. Haitian tradition doesn’t allow the option of failure. It’s culture-driven. The fact that we didn’t have a Creole food franchise in our food industry was very troubling to me. The backbone of our Creole heritage is cooking and creating exquisite flavor. I believe that Chef Creole is among the many that will bring the Creole tradition to the world. 

A greater purpose:

My faith has always challenged me to be a big brother and an even bigger figure in order to help those who are less fortunate. I presume one way to help people exercise their freedom in this nation is by providing them with an opportunity to be employed and become an asset to their families as well as their communities.

Positive social change:

Essentially, I want our leaders to understand that politicians are simply people and they should be held to the same standards to which we are all accountable. Many times, we’re deceived by political figures operating on “maybe,” rather than “yes” and “no.”  Once the yes-and-no individuals are recognized, true leadership will advance within our community. Socially, I would like the communities to come together and hold our educational system responsible for facilitating schooling for trade professions, including electrical, home economics, workshop and mechanics as electives.

#1 Local South Florida Chef, Chef Creole
Photo: Courtesy of Chef Creole

Hope for the Caribbean community:

Education! The fact that we have been taught to stray away from our true heritage and history disenfranchises our lives. The proper education will allow individuals to truly understand our background, naturally surfacing our potential to become greater assets not just to ourselves but to our legacy.

Greatest influencers:

My mom and dad. At times, I’m questioned about my “rags to riches” story, and quickly after, I have to correct people. There were no rags, only riches, even if viewed differently by others. Coming to a foreign country, my mom and dad made our family look rich all the time, even in a time of struggle. We were raised to be proud and confident in any and every situation.

For me, family means:

Legacy. It is a village of support. What is the true definition of success? The profession that God, our creator, planned for us to achieve and the family that will establish our history.

Favorite extracurricular activities:

I enjoy playing music and going out in the sea.


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