How To Feel Confident In Your Decorating Skills

Maybe you like to dabble in interior design and your friends tell you that you have impeccable taste. But you’re not an expert in the history of textiles and you’re not a master of color theory. How do you know if you’re any good? Learning how to feel confident in your decorating skills can help you grow your passion and get even better.

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Embrace Your Background

How To Feel Confident In Your Decorating Skills

When you’ve grown up with Caribbean influences, you’re surrounded by a mishmash of cultures that give you a unique perspective. The islands were populated by settlers from France, Spanish, Africa, England, and the Netherlands. All their traditions contributed to your point of view, combined with a strong, tropical beach twist. It’s part of your identity, and it might be seeping into your style in ways you don’t even realize.

Don’t Limit Yourself

You don’t have to have any particular aesthetic. Experiment with all kinds of styles to see what you and others like. If you like to incorporate Caribbean elements in your design, you’re ahead of the game. They blend well with several styles, including coastal, farmhouse, and bohemian. Use natural materials like rattan and distressed wood, as well as natural greenery, and you’ll enhance the vibe of any home with casual chic.

How To Feel Confident In Your Decorating Skills

Always Keep Learning

You’ll feel more confident in your decorating skills if you educate yourself on the greats that came before you. Art students start by imitating the masters to learn their techniques, and you can do the same. If you know you have some weaknesses, work on them. If you’re uncomfortable mixing and matching styles, ask for advice from a peer who you admire. If you want to challenge yourself with more avant-garde designs, keep at it until it feels right.

How To Feel Confident In Your Decorating Skills

Accept the Praise

If people are giving you positive feedback about your efforts, believe them. Believe in yourself. If you can create spaces that make people feel good, you have a legitimate talent. Consider the big picture of the mood you want to achieve and trust your gut. Don’t be afraid to fail in your efforts. The real beauty of interior design is that you can always change it. When you’re satisfied with your work, the genuine accolades will feel all the sweeter.


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