Jamaican representation on TV

Last week, Caribbean representation made its way into a few mainstream TV shows, and we love to showcase it!

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Quinta Brunson Serves Jamaican Jerk(ish) Chicken on Saturday Night Live

For weekend laughs, many of us tune in to watch hilarious comedy sketches featuring our favorite celebrities on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. This week, Quinta Brunson was the featured celebrity host on the series, and one of the skits she was featured in portrayed three straight-laced white guys trying their best to be cool. The segment brings them into a Jamaican restaurant in Jamaica, Queens, New York, where they attempt to sample of serving of jerk chicken. Sadly, they want no pepper, no spice, no salt — no nothing except the chicken.

In the sketch, she and her co-worker, neither of whom have a real Jamaican accent, enthusiastically suggest that the guys find somewhere else to eat. But ultimately, she takes great care of them.

While we always prefer that Jamaicans are represented by people with Jamaican accents, we’re always happy to simply be represented!

Jamaican-American Lt Gov of Virginia, Winsome Earle-Sears, Brings Balance to Real Time with Bill Maher

For HBO subscribers (or fans who watch show clips on YouTube), Real Time with Bill Maher featured a Jamaican-American that Island Origins only recently learned about. The lieutenant governor of the state of Virginia is a Jamaican American U.S. Marine veteran by the name of Winsome Earle-Sears. The Republican sat in to chat with Maher and his always politically diverse panel of guests on a range of topics.

While her politics may be unpopular in typical Caribbean circles, we love that she has made history as the first female lieutenant governor of that state.

Stay tuned as we share more clips of Caribbean characters in the media.


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