4 Common Mistakes New Boat Owners Make

Buying a boat is an unforgettable experience and gives you access to countless new ways of enjoying the coast. But there are simple mistakes that new boaters can make. Learn how to prevent common mistakes new boat owners make to avoid severe accidents on the water.

Forgetting About the Drain Plug

Even the most experienced boaters forget about the drain plug. Installing the drain plug is one of the vital elements when launching your boat. This won’t be apparent while you’re moving; once your boat stops moving, it will fill with water, and you’ll need to be rescued. To ensure you install your drain plus launching, create a boat launch checklist. Also, remember some boats have more than one drain plug.

Not Securing Boat Transportation

One of the best parts of owning a boat is being able to take it to any coast or sea and discovering new horizons all on your own. Transporting your boat long distances can be a hassle, though, especially if you’re moving to a new city. Don’t fall into the trap of forgetting to find a boat transportation tool or service. Find a trailer that’s suitable for your boat that adheres to state regulations, or hire a logistics transportation company to do the towing for you.

Going Over the Boat Capacity

One of the most dangerous and common mistakes new boat owners make is going over their capacity. Boats have a defined maximum load capacity. Exceeding the capacity can cause a boat to capsize even on calm waters. With that number in mind, consider not only passenger weight but gear as well. Going overcapacity is dangerous, and you are the only person who can prevent it.

Not Knowing the Rules of Navigation

While not all states or countries demand a boating exam or license to start navigating, you still need to learn the basics. There are clear rules of navigation that dictate how a boat driver should always behave to avoid accidents. Driving and navigating a boat is fun, but adhering to rules is necessary to keep everyone on the water safe. Before your inaugural boat launch, read basic guidelines to avoid any problems.

Keeping these boating safety measures in mindwill ensure you have a safe and enjoyable summer on the water!


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