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The islands possess a certain vibe that makes you want to wear less and soak in more sun. So what better way to do that than rocking some swimwear by Caribbean designers? These Caribbean swimwear lines are making waves (pun intended) in the industry, and have so much color and style to offer. From colorful prints to simple-and-suave cuts, there’s something for you here, whatever your taste. So dive in!

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Bold Prints: Keva J 

Jamaican designer Keva J puts out bold and sexy swimwear for the daring. Keva intentionally steers clear of mainstream trends and designs and stays true to her own unique fashion style with each piece. Her Caribbean background contributes greatly to her audacious blends of colors and prints. Combine that with her decade-long cutting-edge experience in the industry and you have the spectacle that is the Keva J Swimwear collection. Her latest summer collection, Wild Thingz, is filled with colorful florals and animal prints.

Minimalist: Ochie


Simplicity has never looked more beautiful than these stunning swimsuit looks from Miami-based brand, Ochie. With clean, classic cuts and monochromatic hues projecting elegance and grace, this swimwear suits women all ages and sizes. This is the vision of Trinidadian-born designer Hana Lloyd, who also incorporates natural and sustainable textiles into her designs. Her Diana one-piece look is sure to remain a favorite in every beach lover’s wardrobe.

Bright Neon: XhaleSwim 


Want to stand out while relaxing waterside? XhaleSwim suits can be summed up in two words—comfort and confidence. These swimsuits are designed to accentuate your body while projecting the best parts and your figure. Jamaican designer Jessica Wong is the genius behind the concept, and works hard at producing luxurious swimwear that makes you long to be out in the sun. We particular love her hot neon looks, whether laced up or off-shoulder.

Girly: Rue 107


Rue 107 designs distinctive, girly swimsuits that will look absolutely fabulous on every lady. The women’s wear brand focuses on all-inclusive, statement designs. And the swimwear line is no exception. Haitian designer Marie Jean-Baptiste infuses her cultural touch with an expressive and delightful style that is unique to her. For this summer, her new styles feature fun details like flirty florals, ruffles and puffed sleeves.

Eco-friendly: Novah Swimwear


A lot of things make Novah Swimwear stand out from the pack. The Bermuda-based brand has developed a following for its avant-garde designs, projecting that relaxed sexiness everyone wants in a swimsuit. But not only are Novah’s fabrics luxurious; their EcoLuxe line features sustainable designs made from 100 percent recycled nylon materials. Madeline White, the designer behind the brand, ensures that everything, from the design to the packaging, remains eco-friendly.

Patriotic: TMMG


TMMG is unmistakably Haitian! Designer Zimaco Merizier works hard to ensure that the world knows where he’s from, with several fashion pieces that bear the national emblems of Haiti. And he’s somehow able to beautifully work this into the brand’s swimwear line as well. Caribbean culture and swimsuits are a great blend, no doubt, so it’s only natural. We particularly love this sports bra combo that can go from the courts to the coast. 

More Swimwear By Caribbean Designers:

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  1. I like all your swimwears. Summertime 2021 has not specifically gone according to strategies. Yet, it’s not over and this is the ideal opportunity to head to the beach with good friends in your prettiest swimsuits.


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