Summer Fun: Ideas for Poolside Party Games

It’s that time of year when the sun is shining bright, and the water is splashing. If this describes your summer, then you may be interested in these ideas for poolside party games. Enjoy the laughter and play that these games will bring you, guests, and loved ones! Another benefit is that most of these won’t break the bank, and you can reuse them every summer season.

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Pool Balls

Pool balls are versatile and fun to include in your pool. They add a nice pop of color and provide something fun to throw around. As soon as you place them in the pool, your guests will enjoy themselves! Pool balls are nice because you can use them both inside and outside of the pool. On that note, ensure you have pool maintenance completed before guests arrive to make your pool party ready. Make sure there’s a clean and pristine pool for friends and family to enjoy their games in!

Water Balloon Toss

Have some water fun outside of the pool, too. You can accomplish this through a water balloon toss. The beauty of this game is that different ages of all kinds can participate in it. Add a fun element to it by making it a musical water balloon toss. This is like hot potato, but when the music stops, whoever has the balloon gets to toss it at their guest of choice. Enjoy the humor this game will add to the party.

Poolside Party Games
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Volleyball is a classic game to have stationed on the side of the pool. If guests want to take a break from playing in the water, this provides some friendly, competitive play that allows everyone to connect with each other. Keep in mind that there are volleyball nets that you can add over the water. Whatever choice you make, outside the water or over the water, a volleyball tournament can be a fun way to get guests engaged while livening the party.

Enjoy investing time into your loved ones and friends through these ideas for poolside party games. From pool balls and water balloon tosses to some friendly competition, enjoy the summer sun while laughing with those that mean the most to you.


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