Photo: Courtesy of Moniefia Johnson

While many think the heart of the home is the kitchen, the most lived-in space in your abode is likely the living room. Memories with your family curled up on the couch, movie nights with friends, finishing the last few pages of a book late at night — all of these moments happen in your living space. So, if you’re spending so much time in these spaces, why not design the room to reflect your personality, lifestyle and culture?

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Here are some of our favorite island designed living rooms we’ve featured in Island Origins Magazine throughout the years that we just can’t stop swooning over. With tropical vibes reminiscent of Caribbean culture at the forefront of these designs, you’re sure to get some inspiration. 

Tamara Archer | T. Archer Design

Designer Tamara Archer, founder of T. Archer Design, took inspiration from the Florida coast’s sea and sky with a bright, fresh palette and natural textures. Growing up with Trinidadian parents, Archer was inspired by the Caribbean’s unique, tropical environs. Though the timeless design is evident, she went a bit bolder to transform this Tampa Bay home into a beachy oasis. To satisfy her globetrotting clients, the home also needed to reflect some of the destinations they’ve traversed.

island designed living rooms - Tamara Archer
Photo: Tampa Bay Home Tours

The home features two fireplaces, a rarity in Florida, including this traditional wood-burning stove in the living, backed by an elaborate and clever whitewashed stonework that both suits the space and effortlessly brightens the room.

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Brian Dumervil | Interiors by Steven G.

Though a Canadian transplant, it didn’t take long for Miami-based designer Brian Dumervil, a lead interior designer at Interiors by Steven G., to adapt to the contemporary oasis in the sunshine — perhaps because of his own Caribbean heritage (his mother hails from Trinidad and Tobago, while his father has roots in Haiti).

This project in Coconut Grove certainly required some of that “Magic City” flair. Dumervil drew inspiration from the luxe residential tower’s tropical foliage and stunning views of the bay and the result is a medley of warm neutrals framing the greenery outdoors and rich wood finishes that introduce organic qualities into the streamlined space.

island designed living rooms - Brian Dumervil
Photo: Courtesy of Brian Dumervil

In the living room, Dumervil carved out coziness for the main seating area with the large striped area rug. He also kept the modular sectional restrained, adding patterns and texture with throw pillows. This “allows the homeowners to change the look easily by replacing accessories,” he said. The sectional’s position off the wall also makes the living area more inviting while limiting the amount of dead space in the room.

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Moniefia Johnson | Lignum and Oaks Interior Design

Based in New Jersey, the Jamaica-born designer aims to add a pop of “wow” to every space for her clients. But when 5 o’clock hits and it’s time to head back to her own home, her curiosity and creativity don’t end. Through trial and error, she uncovered simple home design ideas that make amazing impact — a delicate blend of style, functionality and self-expression to make your space beautiful, approachable and, above all, personal. This is what ultimately drove her to launch her firm, Lignum and Oaks Interior Design, to help others create spaces that feel like home in every sense of the word.

One of her biggest tips is to play around with color and don’t be afraid to switch it up. The designer is constantly swapping rugs, décor and even some furniture pieces to keep things fresh.

This living room in Johnson’s own home is a creative playground, using the room and walls as canvases for experimenting with her craft. Her love of color and eclectic design pops through with a delicate wallpaper and twin terracotta velvet chairs. A zigzagged walnut-and-brass cabinet is the centerpiece of the room on the back wall, while an off-centered, 7-foot eye-catching mirror reflects light into the beautiful space.

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