After a 20-year hiatus from the stage, Sharon Marley is slowly emerging from her cocoon. Best known for her music and performances with Legendary three-time Grammy award-winning Reggae group Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Sharon is like a cool breeze this summer. Butterflies in the Sky is a colorful, groovy, and intimately mellow piece of musical art. Sharon Marley takes us on a cosmic experience, traversing the Universe, as a beautiful tropical butterfly, sharing its beauty and love with grace. Even with its short life span, the royal butterfly still floats towards a hopeful future.

The lyrics of the song addresses the magic of Love. The music for the single is produced by K-Jah Sound and is aptly titled Asteroid Riddim. K-Jah is a 20-year veteran in Reggae Music with roots in Poland. K-Jah brings with him a love of Reggae and a mix of his instrumentation through musicians including Bartek Drozd, Olaf Węgier, Szymon Chudy, Bartek Bhakti and Jan Gembala. The mix and mastering with Umberto Echo, Oneness Records takes the sound to an impeccably magical place.

For K-Jah Sound, the song is “a subtle mix of Reggae, Soul, Jazz and passion”. Sharon also assembled a team of talented singers to provide back-up vocals. They include, to voice her long-time mentor Ricky Walters, Fab 5, Nyanda, Brick n Lace, Paul Bent, Virgo, and her son Ingemar Prendergast who co-wrote Butterflies in the Sky. The visuals speak to physical and spiritual evolution and will be directed by her daughter, filmmaker and director, Donisha Prendergast.

This song is very personal to Sharon who commented, “Family and Music is what I know Best”. As humans, we experience ourselves in different ways. Sharon’s melodious voice elevates the human experience, filling the vast space between the earth and the sky with cosmic grooves, light energy and fun memories. Sharon’s voice combined with the music of K-Jah Sound brings a high level of Art to the musical and visual experience.

“And just when the Caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly”… Anonymous

Song and Video Releasing Summer 2022 , distributed by Zojak World Wide.
Animation: Łukasz Poździk
Graphic Designer: Urszula Clarise
Photo : RadiantSun9
Official website :
K-JAH SOUND | Facebook


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