How To Incorporate Your Pool Into Your Parties

You usually see an in-ground pool shine the most when it’s warm. As the star of many outdoor gatherings and pool parties, your swimming pool can witness glory in warmer temperatures with the sole purpose of cooling people down. However, you can still incorporate your pool into your parties without getting your feet wet by using these tips that utilize it in unique ways and dress it up for all occasions.

Set Your Pool as the Focal Point of Your Event

Arranging tables, chairs, and food stations around your pool maximizes space usage and brings attention towards the pool rather than away from it. This technique can aid in transforming the pool area into an eye-catching backdrop for stellar snapshots.

Light the Way

When it comes to those celebrations that run well into the night, lighting a path to ensure the safety of guests is essential, and what better way to do that than with string lights? Not only do these small but delicate lights illuminate your festivities, but they are a fun way to dress up your pool area.

Add Floating Décor To Coincide With the Theme

Incorporate Your Pool Into Your Parties

Pool noodles aren’t the only floating devices here! You can add beautiful accents such as decorative balloons and flowers to your pool to spice up its appearance to fit any event. You can also add floating pool signages as an innovative wedding monogram or thoughtful sentiment.

Dress Up Your Pool’s Edges

You don’t have to fill your pool with décor to have it look its best. If floating décor isn’t the best fit for you, consider dressing up your pool’s edges by creating a decorative border to highlight your event’s main feature.

Incorporate Your Pool Into Your Parties

Make Your Pool an Aisle or Dance Floor

As a feature no one can forget, you can’t go wrong with adding an aisle in the middle of your pool in preparation for a wedding or equipping it with a dance floor cover for extra flair! One look at your new dance floor and guests will never want to leave!

Incorporating your pool into parties adds a fun twist to future celebrations without having to cut back on the size of the event and guest seating. And the best part? No need to worry about after-care of pool noodles.


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