Loop Puffs

The locs are pulled up into three ponytails from the front to the back of the head. They are looped and tied at the base to create loose “puffs” in a faux-hawk style.

Wrap Knots

The locs are wrapped around themselves in a similar method to bantu knots (Chiney bump for Jamaicans). This creates large braid-like drop curls that leave the hair very tightly curled when released after at least a few days. So you’ll actually end up with two styles for the price of one. The knots as long as you keep them in, and then the curls when you let them out!

Curly Updo

This loc style pulls the neatly curled strands up to the middle of the head, and then piles the loose curls on top of the head neatly and with lots of volume. You don’t need it, but lots of attitude will make this style even hotter. #fierce

The Intricate Labrynth of Locs

Not knowing what to call this style, we’ll let you figure out a name for yourself. This is a feat of engineering unlike anything we have ever seen. The locs are rolled into 8 braids from the edges to the middle of the head. The resulting ponytails are wrapped into an intricate tangle of interlaced twists. Looks like he could use a little more moisturizer, but the style is rockin’!

Wrap Knots Version 2

This version of the wrap knots is done a little more loosely for a cute, carefree look.

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