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In the 1970s with the popularization of Rastafari, people who wore dreadlocks were looked down upon as outcasts and rebels. Today, “locs” have become mainstream, and thanks to “goddess” braid-ins (shown below), long, beautiful locs can even be temporary. Make sure to take care of your natural hair if you’re preparing to make it permanent.

Dreadlock styles like these look best when the roots of the hair are neatly groomed. Some are pretty simple do-it-yourself styles, and others were clearly accomplished by astrophysicists with second degrees in engineering. Regardless, here are some gorgeous loc styles for women and men that might inspire you.

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Goddess Locs

These faux locs are braided into unlocked hair for a temporary mane.

Braided into Plaits

Pretty simple to accomplish with thin locs, the locs are cornrowed partway down the scalp and then plaited to the ends.


Not quite a mohawk, this wrapover style pulls the hair up onto the middle of the head in a neat roll from forehead to nape with the ends hanging loose.

Straight Cornrows to Ponytail

Ideal for smaller locs, the locs are braided into straight, fine cornrows from all the way around the edges of the hair, leading up to the crown and released down into a ponytail. Embellish the individual locs for an extra bit of flair.

French Braids into Ponytails

The hair is parted into two sides and French braided on each. At the nape of the neck the hair is released into ponytails.

Straw Curls

Beware: You have to have a lot of time to get these done! The wet locs are wrapped tightly around straws before setting under a bonnet dryer to achieve super-tight curls. Over time the curls begin to loosen but they’ll last a good long time.

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