By Jean-Marc /Jo BeLo/Jhon-John from Caracas, Venezuela - 13-gros2, CC BY 2.0

Caribbean Books Foundation is once again hosting Caribbean Folklore month this October online.

American Black Film Festival

We’ll have a month of social media interactions geared towards highlighting our intriguing folklore characters. This year we will highlight eight new character features, we’ll give information on each character, how they can be stopped and provide new inspiring graphics to go along with them. We are partnering with the Caribbean Writers Group on Facebook to encourage more authors to write about folklore. There will also be author interviews, book reviews, giveaways online, and networking for authors. On the first of October, ‘30 Caribbean Folklore Legends’ and a companion Artist Coloring Book, ‘Caribbean Folklore Designs’ will be launched and in keeping with the tradition of jumbies favoring the full moon, we’ve dubbed the 9th October JUMBEE NIGHT.

We love highlighting folklore because it embodies the creativity of Caribbean Culture. Caribbean Mythology may not be new but it’s revolutionary paranormal fiction and there is so much potential to make our unique literature an international brand. I can remember staying up late at night, listening to folklore stories and then wondering if it was real. The darkness seemed extra dark and every noise made your heartbeat faster. Caribbean Folklore is an entire childhood mood; a genre of imagery, spell-binding mystery, irrational fear and memories that lasts a lifetime. Caribbean Books Foundation’s goal is to keep it alive and thriving.

Celebrating Caribbean Folklore Month

Caribbean Books has dedicated October, which is a traditional spooky month, to celebrating authors from the Caribbean whose work center around our own mythology. We would like to invite everyone to celebrate Caribbean Folklore Month by sharing their stories with each other and online, by sharing their artwork, memories, poems, spoken word, and performances on social media using these hashtags.



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