Although, I eat cornbread in many forms throughout the year, I especially like to indulge during the holidays. There is just something about cornbread that I find just so irresistible. Maybe it’s the crumbly and fluffy texture. Maybe it’s the combination of sweet and savory. Either way, I absolutely LOVE cornbread. If you don’t feel quite the same way about it, this recipe will change your mind. My Vegan Jalapeno Cornbread Pancakes with Jalapeno Maple Syrup are fluffy, savory and sweet with a hint of spice. Perfect for you lunch, brunch, dessert…or dinner plans.

These pancakes are sure crowd pleaser for vegans and non-vegans alike. They perfectly crumble with each fork cut. The fluffiness is unmatched. Just look at that pancake height! They are also really easy to make. Requiring just one bowl with easy-peasy ingredients. With a griddle, you can have these done from start to finish in 30 minutes.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of spiciness. After a while, I don’t see the point of eating food that you can’t taste because all you can taste is spicy! But I digress. I understand that I just won’t understand. I say that because these pancakes have a balance of sweet and spicy that isn’t overwhelming on spicy. You get a hint of spice from the jalapeno combined with the sweetness of the sugar and maple syrup that makes for perfect Jalapeno Cornbread Pancakes.

The Jalapeno Infused Maple Syrup is optional but its so worth making. It is a lovely compliment to the jalapenos inside the pancakes. Plus, you get to use up your cooked leftover jalapeno instead of throwing it away.

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Vegan Jalapeno Cornbread Pancakes with Jalapeno Maple Syrup

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