Celebrate Spring: Tips For Planning the Perfect Brunch

There’s truly nothing better than starting your day with a lavish breakfast spread. Add a few friends and complement the meal with some tasty mimosas, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect morning.

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With a bit of preparation and a few carefully crafted dishes, you can open a classy and comfortable brunch bistro right in your own home. These tips for planning the perfect brunch will show you that staying in for breakfast can be just as luxurious as dining out.

Plan Your Menu in Advance

One of the biggest selling points of dining out for brunch is that everyone in your party is able to order something that caters to their specific cravings. However, unless you want to spend the entire morning standing over a hot oven, you probably won’t want to offer a made-to-order menu at your in-home brunch café. Instead, take some time to create a set menu that you know everyone will love.

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Make sure to include several classic spring brunch dishes, such as ackee and saltfish with callaloo and fried dumplings for your West Indian friends, and bacon and pancakes for international eaters. Consider adding one or two specialty items as well. Eggs benedict and pineapple stuffed french toast are sure to delight your guests! Be sure to take your guests’ diets and preferences into account when planning your menu as well to ensure everyone will have something delicious to nosh on.

Offer a Few Drink Options

No brunch would be complete without a few fruity and flavorful cocktails. But not everyone craves a mimosa first thing in the morning. Some people might prefer to ease into their day with a simple glass of orange juice, while others might be ready to dive straight into a glass of their favorite wine. Therefore, it’s a good idea to offer a variety of different drink options to make sure everyone can quench their thirst at your spring brunch party.

Bear in mind that some wines pair better with brunch dishes than others. With the right drink in hand, the flavors in your homemade brunch dishes will soar, and the conversation between guests will flourish.

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Keep It Cute and Cozy

While the food is front and center at any brunch café, there’s something to be said about the aesthetic of dining out for breakfast. Many restaurants that specialize in breakfast and brunch make a point to decorate their space in cute, comfortable, and cozy décor.

Try to emulate that same aesthetic in your own brunch café, even if it’s taking place in your kitchen. Spread out a tablecloth, set out place cards for your guests, and arrange a bouquet of fresh, tropical flowers to serve as a centerpiece. The more time and effort you put in to making the space look comfortable, the more you and your guests will forget that brunch is taking place in your home instead of your favorite local bistro.

3 Tips For Planning the Perfect Spring Brunch

You can still enjoy the aesthetic of dining out with these tips for planning the perfect brunch. You may even learn that you like eating at home more than you ever enjoyed dining out!


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