Haitian American Artist Fedleine Jerome Unveils

Fedleine Jerome, an emerging Haitian American actress, writer, director, and mother of two, recently showcased her acclaimed short film, “The Therapist,” at the prestigious 2024 Pan African Film Festival, marking another milestone in her creative journey.

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Haitian American Artist Fedleine Jerome Unveils "The Therapist" Short Film at the 2024 Pan African Film Festival

Hailing from Haiti, Fedleine and her family relocated to South Florida when she was just two years old. Despite the challenges of growing up in poverty, Fedleine’s unyielding determination propelled her to pursue theater and dance studies at the University of Florida on a full scholarship. Following graduation, she pursued a career as an elementary school teacher before discovering her true passion for filmmaking.

Fedleine’s narrative work delves into self-discovery, motherhood, and transcendence themes, often imbued with humor and poignant dialogue. Her journey from graduating with a theater degree to directing commercials and exploring various roles on set has been inspiring.

“The Therapist” serves as a personal testament to Fedleine’s journey. The film’s protagonists, Brooke and Elisa, embody different aspects of her experiences, from navigating marital dissatisfaction to embracing her identity as an artist. Fedleine found solace in her healing journey after facing adversity, drawing parallels to the characters’ pursuit of self-acceptance and creative fulfillment.

Haitian American Artist Fedleine Jerome Unveils "The Therapist" Short Film at the 2024 Pan African Film Festival

Fedleine’s short film “The Therapist” has garnered widespread acclaim, earning accolades such as selection for the Aspire TV Filmmakers Competition, Best Local Short, and Most Watched at the Mom’s Film Festival. Her work champions women’s empowerment and addresses significant issues within the black community through comedy and heartfelt storytelling.

In addition to her filmmaking endeavors, Fedleine’s photography will be featured in the Women’s History Month Exhibition, “Resilience Through A Woman’s Lens,” at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex on March 3rd, further amplifying the voices of female photographers in the community.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Fedleine finds joy in dancing with her local Haitian folklore dance team, performing on theater and improv stages, expressing herself through painting, and nurturing her two children, Dj and Jojo, who are constant inspirations in her artistic journey.

“The Therapist” Synopsis

In “The Therapist,” a therapist becomes entangled in her clients’ unconventional love life, leading to unexpected twists and turns. The film follows Brooke and Jason as they return to therapy after a hiatus, grappling with grief and a desire for intimacy. Meanwhile, struggling artist Elisa unlocks the secret to her newfound creativity, only for unexpected guests to disrupt a heated session, exposing everyone’s secrets.

Watch the trailer here:

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