If you live in South Florida, you’ve probably had coquito. The first time I tasted it, I was blown away with the coconut creaminess paired with the warming cinnamon and white rum. It is truly the perfect combination. I wondered where this fantastic drink had been all my life! So when we went vegan, I wrongly assumed I would no longer be able to partake in the South Florida holiday tradition because the ingredients didn’t seem like something that could be vegan. I was so wrong. After three years without coquito, I finally created my delicious, creamy, and coco-nutty recipe for Easy Vegan Coquito.

This Easy Vegan Coquito is a healthy spin on this delicious classicThis Vegan Coquito recipe is so easy to make. Just add all eight ingredients to a blender, blend, and chill for at least an hour before serving. The hardest part of making the recipe will probably be driving to the store to get the ingredients. The Coquito is so creamy, coco-nutty, and warming from all the coconut ingredients, spices, and white rum. If you’re a fan of coquito, I promise you will not be able to tell the difference between non-vegan coquito and mine.

Coquito is traditionally served in small glasses and sipped because it’s so rich and concentrated but I tried and could not. I serve mine in a small wine glass and sipping slowly just never happens. ?

Dairy-free evaporated milk and condensed milk were not a part of my pantry (they are now!) so I had to find a local store that had both evaporated and condensed milk. I was able to get all the ingredients in one stop at Whole Foods but they can also be found on Amazon here, here, and here. Prior to creating this recipe, I had never worked with non-dairy evaporated milk so I didn’t know what to expect. It has the consistency of light canned coconut milk. Although I have not tested this recipe with light coconut milk, I would imagine that you may be able to substitute the evaporated milk if you have trouble finding it. That being said, I was really happy with my results using coconut evaporated milk.

Now the condensed milk on the other hand, I do not suggest substituting it for anything. It has a consistency and taste that I do not think can be substituted if you want an authentic coquito taste. If you do try something that works as a great substitute, let me know in the comments.

This Easy Vegan Coquito is a healthy spin on this delicious classic

Make this for your office holiday party along with my Vegan Sweet Potato Pie. The office will be buzzed and buzzing about you for weeks to come. ? If you made my Easy Vegan Coquito, let me know in the comments or #babemadeblog and tag me @babemadeblog on Instagram.

Easy Vegan Coquito

Read the full recipe here…

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