Must-Pack Items for Your Next Island Getaway

When traveling to a tropical island, you must account for many different factors. Even if your home is in a state that sees tropical weather, traveling is a whole different experience. Between the strength of the sun and the limited aids at your disposal while away from home, you must plan ahead. Here are a few must-pack items for your next island getaway.

Multiple Swimsuits

With increased humidity, your garments will take far longer to dry. You may hang up your suit thinking it’ll be dry in a couple of hours, yet it’s still wet the next day. Pack multiple suits to remain comfortable during your vacay. You also may want some fuller coverage swimsuits for physical activities.


Regardless of if your eyes are extremely sensitive or not, you’ll want to pack sunglasses. Eye protection is a must, and the reflection of sunlight on the sand and ocean water can be blinding. Polarized sunglasses can help cut the glare that comes with reflecting water. Forgetting these can make island life difficult until you acquire another pair.


You should apply sunscreen every two hours. However, if you’re getting wet or sweating a lot, consider reapplying it sooner. Many people incorrectly believe that they won’t get a tan if they’re wearing sunscreen. You still will, but the product is the first defense against the harmfulness of the sun’s rays on your skin. In short, wear your sunscreen. Your skin will thank you later.

Must-Pack Items for Your Next Island Getaway


There are many benefits of a bucket hat, sunhat, or even a baseball cap. Gauge the amount of coverage you desire, and pick the hat that provides what you need. A hat gives added protection for your face and neck. The skin is very sensitive on these areas, and there’s nothing worse than a bright red, peeling nose.


In the U.S., masks are a must in many areas. Be sure that, for wherever you’re traveling, you’re prepared similarly. Bring masks for travel and for maintaining safety in close quarters. Additionally, make sure you bring breathable face masks, especially on the more adventurous days of your trip.


Must-Pack Items for Your Next Island Getaway

Between cover ups and UV rash protection wear, be sure that you cover your skin. Constant sunlight will not only give you a sunburn, but you can also get sun poisoning or become extremely fatigued. No one wants that on their vacation, so set limits for yourself in direct sunlight and utilize your coverups to not only act as quick clothing but also as a defense against those rays.

There are many must-pack items for your next island getaway. Consider bringing bug spray as well since you may be unfamiliar with the insects you will encounter. Additionally, you may find water shoes to be a great aid when participating in physical activities or venturing out into a rocky part of the ocean. Protecting your body from the sun and possible abrasions will allow you to better enjoy your trip!


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