Steve In the Tub at Ti Kwen Glocho. Courtesy

For the most soothing spa escapes on earth, the Caribbean offers rejuvenating choices from penthouse to treehouse, and hot springs, too.

Throughout the islands, otherworldly natural wonders are tapped for restorative treatments that satisfy souls like nowhere else can. In keeping with the rich cultural milieu in the region, island spa retreat experiences encompass everything from the very latest in cutting-edge health and wellness to traditional West Indian practices employed to pamper minds and souls throughout the islands for generations. 

Indeed, there exists an ultimate spa adventure for every type of traveler in the Caribbean. Which one is right for you? Here’s a small sampling of a few favorites.


Island Spa Retreat, River Sallee Boiling Springs in St. Patrick and Clabony Hot Springs in Grenville, Sulphur Springs in Grenada
Sulphur springs deep in the wilds of Grenada. Courtesy Discover Grenada.

All-natural is best when it comes to a truly restorative island spa retreat. And few places do it better than Grenada.

The Spice Island is volcanic in origin, a distinction easily noted and enjoyed by way of its sublime sulfur springs. Long-renowned for their healing powers, the mineral-rich, heated waters in these thermal pools relieve all manner of skin irritations and infections. 

If you’ve got dry scalp or you’ve got a rash that nothing seems to cure, no problem. Get yourself to one of Grenada’s rejuvenating sulfur springs. River Sallee Boiling Springs in St. Patrick and Clabony Hot Springs in Grenville are great options. Take a dip and feel your ailments wash away.

Saint Lucia

5 Ultimate Island Spa Retreat Escapes
Treehouse Spa treatment room at the Rainforest Spa at Sugar Beach, Saint Lucia. Courtesy Steve Bennett (

Take your spa adventures to new heights while ensuring that your treatments stay rooted in authentic West Indian traditions. Check out the Rainforest Spa at Sugar Beach, Saint Lucia.

Set amid an enchanting natural wonderland of lush greenery, fragrant flowers and towering trees, this exotic spa paradise embodies centuries-old Kalinago traditions. This is most dramatically evident in the facility’s Treehouse Spa Treatment Rooms. These unique structures enable you to restore balance to your mind and body while literally balancing well above ground among the trees.

Endemic Amerindian traditions at the Rainforest Spa also extend to their spa products and the techniques employed in pampering guests here. Creams and oils are derived from local fruits and herbs and used in accordance with tradition. Coconut to exfoliate. Bananas to smooth away wrinkles. Cocoa butter and aloe to heal and hydrate.

Everything at the Rainforest Spa is all-natural, good for you, and beautifully espouses the holistic healing power and rich cultural heritage of Saint Lucia. In this way, the benefits to your soul here are shared with Saint Lucia herself.


5 Ultimate Island Spa Retreat Escapes
The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Courtesy The Jamaica Pegasus / Courtleigh Hospitality Group.

When your desired wellness experience must take into consideration an expected new bundle of joy, the White Orchid Salon & Spa in Kingston should top your list. 

Set within the venerable Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, the top choice of celebrities, heads of state and royalty when visiting Jamaica’s capital, the White Orchid is a leading provider of prenatal massage. 

However, the list of White Orchid specialty massage services doesn’t stop there. The facility has built a strong reputation for its sports massage therapies over the years, and in 2019 it became the first spa in Kingston to offer massage options benefiting cancer patients.

The comprehensive menu of unisex salon and spa services at White Orchid also includes facials, manicures, pedicures, hair styling, makeup, eyelash and weave extensions, waxing, body scrubs, exfoliation, detox and more — all in the heart of New Kingston.


Ti Kwen Glocho hot springs in Dominica
Soak in water from the healing mineral springs at Ti Kwen Glocho in the mountains of Dominica. Courtesy Steve Bennett (

Back at the opposite end of the urban-rural spectrum, in the wilds of Dominica, the restorative waters of Ti Kwen Glocho offer an uncommon hot springs island spa retreat experience. 

Translated from Creole, Ti Kwen Glocho means “little corner of hot water.” The place itself, though, is actually much more than that.

A great little rum shop offers all manner of colorfully named bush rums like “All Purpose” and “Man Better Man,” both of which unsubtly claim to provide a bit of a bedroom boost.

Two large pools offer ample spots to dip into the healing waters. For a more personal experience, Ti Kwen Glocho also offers a collection of old bathtubs for solo soaking in water channeled through bamboo pipes. No two tubs are exactly alike in temperature, which makes for a good bit of fun hopping from one to the next à la Goldilocks, in search of the one that’s just right for you.

All around you at Ti Kwen Glocho is raw, unfiltered nature making for a surreal bathing experience.

Turks and Caicos

5 Ultimate Island Spa Retreat Escapes
The natural beauty of the islands is a feature of your luxury treatment at The Spa at The Palms in Turks and Caicos. Courtesy Steve Bennett (

Luxury spas in the Caribbean don’t come much better than The Spa at The Palms in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. It’s not just the fantastic quality of the massage that makes this place so special. Nor is it the luxurious surroundings and attentive service, both hallmarks of this hallowed hideaway.

Indeed, the best thing about The Spa at The Palms is what’s not there – what you see and experience at most every other high-end spa in the Caribbean. This facility does away with excessive indoor space that is overly air-conditioned.

The natural beauty of the Caribbean itself – complete with swaying palms, fragrant flowers, blue skies and darting birds darting – is always the star attraction. Separating visitors from these natural treasures, even to optimize pampering, seems to defeat the purpose of the spa experience, diminishing the uniquely soothing power of Caribbean environs. 

The Spa at The Palms artfully mixes indoor, air-conditioned spaces with bright, comfy and inviting outdoor areas, keeping you squarely in a tropical frame of mind. You hear birds singing and the wind whispering through the trees. You taste the salt air blowing in off Grace Bay, just a few seconds walk away. All of this beautifully affirms The Spa at The Palms’ most special sense of place. You’re sure to love it here and wish to experience it over and over again.


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