Adventurous Caribbean

Are you Brave Enough For These Adventurous Caribbean Destinations?

When it comes to your dream Caribbean vacation, are you less a beach bum, and more an adrenaline junkie? In addition to the region's stunning beaches, the...

How to Pack Your Life in a Carry-On with 5 Easy Steps

With these packing tips, there’s really no need to get bogged down with anything more than your carry-on and a personal item.
Caribbean vacation

Where to Splurge and Save On Your Caribbean Vacation This Summer

CariJetting off this summer for a Caribbean vacation usually results in relaxing or exhilarating experiences in Instagram-worthy locations. But it can also come with a hefty price...
Mango Festival

Satisfy Your Mango Fix This Summer At These Mango Festivals

You know summer has arrived when you cut into that first ripe mango of the season. With its unmistakable flavor and endless adaptability, the mango arguably reigns...
Black Sand Beaches

Go Back to Black with These Stunning Caribbean Black Sand Beaches

Now summer has arrived, expect your Instagram feed to fill up with stunning shots of sugar-sand beaches. The Caribbean is full of these blue-sky, white-sand vistas. But...
Broward County

Explore The Hidden Caribbean Treasures Of Broward County

Sandwiched between South Florida’s white sand beaches to the east, and the untamed wild of Everglades National Park to the west, lies Broward County—a treasure trove for...
Macaulay Thompson

How Travel Transformed My Life: Blogger Macaulay Thompson

As a kid, I spent a lot of time indoors. Unlike my sister who was an outgoing tomboy, and my brother who was a natural at sports,...
Healthy tips

5 Easy Tips to Staying Healthy When You Travel Abroad

Vacations should be filled with fun, adventure, and memorable, mind-blowing experiences. However, your vacation dream can quickly morph into a nightmare if you get a stomach bug...
south florida

Eat Your Way Through The Local Caribbean Delights of South Florida

South Florida is home to a veritable smorgasbord of purveyors of tropical flavors, textures, and treats. A number of these Caribbean food spots, caterers, and packaged food...
Little Haiti

Exploring the Colorful Streets (And Culture) Of Miami’s Little Haiti

David I. Muir, the artist author behind acclaimed coffee table photo book Pieces of Jamaica, shares a collection of authentic scenes from around Little Haiti. City Center Little Haiti...