Mango Festival

You know summer has arrived when you cut into that first ripe mango of the season. With its unmistakable flavor and endless adaptability, the mango arguably reigns supreme as the Caribbean’s most beloved fruit. And the Diaspora shows its love every summer with a bevy of annual mango festivals. These are essential travel attractions for any true mango aficionado. So we’ve gathered together our favorite summer mango festivals for your culinary bucket list, from international botanical fairs to haute cuisine events.

South Beach Mango Festival

South Beach has become a prime destination for foodies thanks to its bevy of culinary events. Now mango lovers can enjoy a celebration of their own at the recently launched South Beach Mango Festival, which occurs in July at Lummus Park. The family-friendly event includes mango-centric cooking class, eating contests, and a choice selection of produce from local farmers.

International Mango Festival at Fairchild Gardens

The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens in Coral Gables, FL, boasts some six hundred mango varieties from all over the world. This makes their annual Mango Festival a legendary destination for international mango aficionados seeking the opportunity to sample rare breeds. Every July, the festival highlights hard-to-find mangos from specific regions with a special showcase, including their ever-popular tasting tour. Attendees can also learn how to nurture their mango habit at home with mango gardening classes and cooking demonstrations. They can also buy a tree of their own from the garden’s diverse stock, with experts on hand as a guide.

St. Croix Mango Melee

Summer gets extra sweet in St. Croix come July, thanks to the Mango Melee, hosted by the St. George Village Botanical Gardens. An annual fundraiser for the Gardens, the event provides a great opportunity to learn more about this iconic fruit. They focus on offering educational workshops that show how to cultivate and care for your own mango trees. In addition, other attractions include tropical fruit demonstrations and tastings, a tropical fruit identification contest, and the ever-popular kids’ mango eating contest.

Nevis Mango & Food Festival

If your mango preferences lean more towards fine dining, the annual Nevis Mango & Food Festival is a dream gastronomic weekend away. Every July, both international and local acclaimed chefs gather to show off their mango culinary skills at this event. Each chef is challenged to create courses that must highlight Nevis mangos. The island boasts over 40 varieties, so attendees can enjoy every mango concoction imaginable, both savory and sweet. Fans can also learn from the pros with several cooking demonstrations and master cook-along classes, led by celebrity chefs.

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