Black Sand Beaches
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Now summer has arrived, expect your Instagram feed to fill up with stunning shots of sugar-sand beaches. The Caribbean is full of these blue-sky, white-sand vistas. But just under the radar, the islands also feature some breath-taking black-sand beaches. These unique beaches get their striking sand color from lava and other volcanic material. Depending on the time of the year, the sand can become deep, blackboard black. If you want to explore these special locales yourself, read on to find the beast black-sand destinations the Caribbean has to offer

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Playa Negra in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is gifted with a few black sand beaches, but perhaps none prove as special as Playa Negra. You can find this special spot in Vieques, a small island off Puerto Rico’s eastern coast. The beach gets in distinctive color thanks to volcanic sediment run-off from nearby Monte Pirata. Therefore the sand becomes especially dark after rainfall. Once a secluded local refuge, the secret has come out. The beach has become a favorite for photographing aficionados thanks to its dark sand and white foamy waves.

Anse Ceron, Martinique

Known for its stunning black sand, Anse Ceron makes the perfect destination for those who love water sports. The beach overlooks Ilet la Perle, a popular spot for scuba divers. The waters remain generally calm close to the the coast. But wade out a little further, and you can catch some serious waves, which make the beach a favorite for local surfers. If you have a more sedentary vacation in mind, feel free to sunbathe along the black sand, as the location often proves less hectic that Martinique’s other beaches.

Black Bay, Grenada

Do you dream of being cast away in a tropical paradise, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life? It can be hard to find such seclusion among the Caribbean’s popular beaches. But you can fulfill your escape fantasies at the secluded Black Bay Beach in Grenada. Accessible via a 20-minute hike, this black sand beach is situated in a quiet spot in St. John parish. After splashing in the wave, explore the nearby Black Bay Cave, where you can find old Amerindian markings.

Rosalie Beach, Dominica

Many of Dominica’s precious natural treasures took a beating from the disastrous Hurricane Maria in 2017. But the truly special Rosalie Beach endures as a special slice of tropical wild. Here, you can enjoy the stunning volcanic sands and crashing waves from the Atlantic. The spot however proves extra special as a nesting site for turtles. Every summer between March and August, endangered sea turtle breeds like the Giant Leatherback and Hawksbill come to lay eggs in the black sand. Join a tour group with a trained guide to witness this natural wonder.

Anse Chastanet Beach, St Lucia

If you’re looking for an extra does of romance for your summer vacation, the Anse Chastanet beach in St Lucia would certainly fit the bill. Views of lush palms trees and nearby mountains surround this small, secluded beach. In addition, nearby luxury resorts like the Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain make this spot ideal for couples. Both resorts are known as some of the most romantic destinations in the region.

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