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In his latest album, “Undeniable,” dedicated purely to love, Jah Cure delivers a soulful masterpiece that captures the essence of romance and heartache with raw emotion and “undeniable” talent. This new direction is unlike his previous mixed-subject works. It isn’t far off though, as, despite challenges in his personal life, his musical message to the world has always been about love and peace. 

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The artist — who thrilled us with hits such as Longing For, Love Is, and True Reflection (Prison Walls) says, “90% of my fanbase is women, and most of my famous songs are love songs. I have never put an entire album together about relationships and love, so I decided to complete an album for the first time with only love songs. The message is just a message of intimate love.” 

Jah Cure Creates Undeniable with VP Records
Undeniable album art // Photo: @therealjahcure on Instagram

And who can’t relate to love?

Artists are storytellers, often revisiting and reliving moments of their lives and the emotions that came with them, sharing their souls with their fans through their performances. This approach generated a wealth of material for Jah Cure’s new work as he, too, is known to draw inspiration from personal life experiences, rather than hype or fantasy, to craft his music. He says, “All of the songs on the album mean something to me ’cause they are all short stories from the good and the bad in my past relationships. Every song in this effort has a special meaning.”

As an artist, it’s essential to keep evolving and trying new things. Jah Cure’s pride in “Undeniable” and the direction his music has taken is manifested throughout the project. He’s anxious to confirm that his fans enjoy listening to it as much as he enjoyed making it.

Featured artists often hold their own special significance to a songwriter, and when different voices get to connect on a song, it’s electrifying. For this project, Jah Cure worked with Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy and Haitian / Belizean singer, songwriter and producer Kaylan Arnold, who were a great fit for “Undeniable.” Cure agrees, mentioning, “it’s not me who chooses, it’s the universe.”

The production process was smooth sailing. The team leveraged what happened during the pandemic to make an otherwise challenging time the perfect opportunity to focus on making music and having fun. “We didn’t face any challenge. My studio was just finished and we were so happy and excited to use it, so we cooked, had fun and made music,” Cure confirms.

“Undeniable” is Jah Cure’s final project… for now. Notwithstanding all the success the artist has had and is having, he’s taking a step back to prepare for his next chapter in life. 

Cure shared with us that he looks forward to connecting with his fans and supporters in new and exciting ways, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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