We’re celebrating Island Origins’ fifth anniversary with wood, a symbol of strength, wisdom and forgiveness. From wood home décor and accessories, Caribbean artisans showcase the endless versatility of craftsmanship.

Wood Home Décor and Accessories - wood tray

Island Inspiration Aglaonema Tray

This handmade wooden tray incorporates imagery of the Aglaonema, a lush flowering plant that dots Jamaica’s gardens. Invoking the island’s flora, this wood home décor piece is an everyday ode to The Rock’s natural beauty. 

$25.97 | caribshopper.com

Wood Home Décor and Accessories - beard comb

Beardologist Beard Comb

Handmade from 60-year old reclaimed Mora wood, the Beardologist beard comb is not only durable but also allows for effortless grooming. Up your self-care routine with this beard comb to help smooth and soften your bristles. 

$16.97 | caribshopper.com

Wood Home Décor and Accessories - tea box

Bartley’s All in Wood Tea Box 

Jamaican designer Lacey-Ann Bartley uses 100% Jamaican wood to craft her pieces with a team of artisans. This wooden tea box, for example, is made from Jamaican cedar and features partitions to elegantly display a wide variety of teas to show off your other wood home décor and accessories.

$32 | bartleysallinwood.com.jm

Wood Home Décor and Accessories - plate set

Bartley’s All in Wood Plate Set

Celebrating the beauty of wood, this plate set by the Jamaica-based brand will add organic warmth to any table setting. The natural wood grain gives each plate its own sense of character. 

$38 | bartleysallinwood.com.jm

Wood Home Décor and Accessories - bracelet

Bijou Lakay Hexa Wood and Bullhorn Bracelet

Haitian designer Daphnee Karen Floreal merges traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair to create her eclectic pieces. This geometric statement bracelet is made from layers of wood and bullhorn.

$35 | bijoulakayhaiti.com

Wood Home Décor and Accessories - watch

Jianbe Crown Cocoa Watch

Jianbe crafts sustainable, eco-friendly and fashionable watches and straps from natural bamboo and a variety of reclaimed woods. The sporty crown Cocoa design, for example, contrasts ebony and walnut wood, perfect for any debonair style maven.

$85 | shopjianbe.com

Wood Home Décor and Accessories - watch

Jianbe Executive Oshun Watch

Jianbe gives the classic dress watch an unexpected twist with this design, pairing a dark dial with a strap made from Zebra wood and bronzed stainless steel for this wood accessory. 

$120 | shopjianbe.com

Wood Home Décor and Accessories - honey drizzle

Bartley’s All in Wood Honey Drizzle

Drizzle sweet honey on your toast or in your tea with this handmade honey dripper crafted from Jamaican hardwood. With a distinctive marbleized wood grain, the drizzler is designed to release an even coat of honey. 

$4 | bartleysallinwood.com.jm

Menzies Instruments: Blue Mahoe 5-String Gourd Banjo

Engrained with Style: The 9 Best Wood Home Décor and Accessories

Using natural materials, Jeff Menzies creates instrumental works of art for musicians worldwide. This five-string gourd banjo features a sculpted neck made of wood from the Blue Mahoe tree. 

$995 | jeffmenziesinstruments.com


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