Argenis Vasquez, Danny Peñalo, Sergio Dominguez, Genesis Soto, Lesvia Perez
  • WHAT? 10th anniversary of Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge
  • DATE: Thursday, April 20th from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • WHERE? Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge, 4740 N.W. 167th Street, Miami Gardens
  • WHO? Chef Danny & special Jazz performance by Luis Disla and his Quintet

MIAMI GARDEN, Florida – It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge first opened its doors in Miami Gardens, Florida. During that time, this restaurant has become a favorite destination for foodies looking for authentic Dominican cuisine with a gourmet twist. Led by Chef Danny Peñalo Domínguez, Yarumba has established a reputation for exceptional food and service, set against a backdrop of a vibrant and fun atmosphere. 

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Chef Danny has always been passionate about food. He grew up in the Dominican Republic, where he was exposed to the country’s rich culinary traditions from an early age. After studying culinary arts at Universidad PUCMM – Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in Santo Domingo, graduating Magna Cum Laude, he has honed his skills by working in some of the best kitchens in the United States.

In 2013, Chef Danny Dominguez opened Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge, where he combined his passion for Dominican cuisine with his training in high-end restaurants. The result was a menu that included traditional Dominican dishes with a gourmet twist. Each dish was crafted with care, using only the freshest ingredients and the best culinary techniques. Over the years, Yarumba has become known for its delicious dishes, including the popular Mofongo Relleno de Churrasco, a classic Dominican dish made with plantains and stuffed with grilled meat.

Other menu favorites include the Pescado a la Parrilla, a grilled fish fillet served with plantains and Yarumba’s signature garlic sauce, and the Pollo Guisado con Guandules, a savory chicken stew with pigeon peas. But Yarumba is more than a restaurant. It is a gathering place and welcoming for the local community. The restaurant’s décor is inspired by the colorful streets of Santo Domingo, with bright murals and fun accents creating a festive atmosphere. And live music and dancing on weekends enliven the party.

As Yarumba celebrates its 10th anniversary, Chef Danny and his team look forward to continuing to share their love of Dominican cuisine with Miami Gardens and beyond. The restaurant has become a fixture in the community. “Yarumba is more than a restaurant to me,” said Chef Danny, thanking his loyal customers for their support. “It’s a place where I can share my passion for food and culture with others. I’m honored to have been a part of this community for the past 10 years, and I look forward to many more years of serving delicious food and making memories with our customers.”

Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge celebrates their 10th anniversary
Danny Peñalo, Digna Cabral, Oliver Gilbert III, Linda Julien, Jhon Taylor

An Unforgettable Celebration 

The great commemoration of the tenth anniversary took place with a gala dinner on Thursday, April 20, at the restaurant’s premises, located at 4740 NW 167th Street, Miami Gardens, Florida. The event was attended by about 120 guests; among them important figures of the Dominican community, government representatives, special clients, friends and family, collaborators, suppliers, chefs and outstanding employees, who joined the celebration.

The day began with a reception in which the guests enjoyed drinks and appetizers, specially prepared by the restaurant team. Those present then went on to the presentation of special guests, with businessman Peter Landestoy as master of ceremonies, beginning with the words of Oliver G. Gilbert III, commissioner of Miami-Dade District 1.

Gilbert III, who is also chairman of the Miami-Dade Commission, he recognized the work of Yarumba Restaurant, and issued a county proclamation declaring April 20 “Yarumba Restaurant Day.” For her part, Linda Julien, Miami Gardens municipal commissioner, attended the gala on behalf of Mayor Rodney Harris, and delivered an award to commemorate the work done in the last 10 years for the benefit of the Miami Gardens community.

In parallel, John H. Taylor, mayor of the neighboring city of Opa-Locka, was also present at the activity. He highlighted in his words that, with its dishes, Yarumba has delighted the residents of the area and, personally, one of his favorite places to eat. Taylor also presented Chef Danny with an award to commend his culinary achievements.

Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge celebrates their 10th anniversary
Sergio Dominguez, Danny Peñalo, Oliver Gilbert III

Also present was Digna Cabral, councilwoman of the city of Doral and the only Dominican elected to a municipal government in South Florida, who shared some beautiful words to thank the collaboration of the Yarumba Restaurant team for their years of work. Cabral also delivered a certificate of congratulations from Doral. The Consul General of the Dominican Republic in Miami, Dr. Geanilda Vásquez participated in the event and delivered a speech full of admiration and appreciation to the entire Yarumba team for the work they have done throught the ten years of service to the community. 

Likewise, César Soto, president of the Paramount Consulting firm and a diner much loved by the Yarumba Restaurant staff, dedicated some emotional words that demonstrate the special relationship that Chef Danny maintains with his clients.

All the personalities and elected officials who took the podium highlighted the importance that Yarumba Restaurant has in the community with dreamy speeches full of prayses, appreciation, respect and admiration. Leaving everyone present surprised, especially the Yarumba Restaurant staff.

Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge celebrates their 10th anniversary
Danny Peñalo, Geanilda Vasquez, Sergio Dominguez

During the event, the founders of Yarumba Restaurant, Sergio Domínguez and Chef Danny, gave a speech in which they thanked their loyal customers, sponsors and the work team; especially Julín Batista, Juan Aponte, Génesis Soto, Bibiana Gómez, Deyanira Alies, Jean Villalona, Andres del Vallin, Inelda Domínguez and Christian López, who have been an important part of the restaurant’s success. The event was sponsored by Ron Brugal 1888, ACE Printing, Chaney Brothers and Sysco Wholesalers.

A Special Menu for a Special Night

The dinner featured a special multi-course menu that showcased the evolution of Yarumba Restaurant’s Dominican cuisine over the past decade. Dishes included specialties such as prosciutto, Manchego cheese, shrimp cocktail, mini quiche, stewed chicken croquettes, mofonguitos with pork rinds, and baked coconut candy.

A toast of delicious wine, cocktails and beers was also served, the night started and finished with a Jazz orchestra directed by Luis Disla, who filled the place with joy, while the photographer Ramón Morillo documented the moment in images. Those present enjoyed a unique culinary experience while celebrating the success of the restaurant. It was a magical night full of surprises, affection, good vibes and excitement from everyone present. A great success that reflected the passion and dedication of the Yarumba Restaurant team.

The 10th anniversary celebration was a special time to reflect on past achievements and look to the future. Congratulations to Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge on 10 years of success! Here’s to many more years of flavor.


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