How To Make Your Marina Environmentally Friendly

Coastal living comes with many advantages: beautiful ocean views, white sandy beaches, island cuisine, and a rich history and culture not found anywhere else. Still, with climate change increasing the risk and severity of natural disasters as well as damaging marine life across the globe, it’s important for anyone living on the coast to do their part in protecting the natural environment. Here are some ways on how to make your marina environmentally friendly that you’ll want to consider.

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Install Trash and Recycling Receptacles

Firstly, never leave trash around your marina. You never want plastics or other discarded items to end up in the ocean. There are already detrimental issues with rising plastic content in oceans across the globe, so don’t contribute to it. Therefore, install the proper trash and recycling receptacles around your marina. That way, visitors can toss away their discarded trash or recycling into the appropriate containers. Remember to empty the receptacles so that they don’t overflow.

How To Make Your Marina Environmentally Friendly

Use Recycled Building Materials

Another tip on how to make your marina environmentally friendly is to use recycled building materials. One way to do so is with recycled HDPE plastic lumber. There are many reasons why the polymers in HDPE wood are superior for marine applications. It’s resistant to stains and odors; resistant to warpage, swelling, and splintering; it doesn’t bend or break as easily as traditional lumber. The polymers in HDPE plastic withstand saltwater, UV rays, chemicals, and corrosion which guarantee at least a 50-year lifespan for your marina. It’s also notably cost-effective. Given the low maintenance required, you save more money on long-term expenses than with other traditional construction materials.

Clean With Eco-Friendly Products

Don’t forget to clean your marina with eco-friendly products. Conventional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals and microplastics that damage sea life. Today, these chemicals destroy many coral reefs and natural marine ecosystems. Do your part and refrain from using these harmful chemicals. Choose safer solutions through sustainable cleaning supplies specific for boat and marina cleaning. The Environmental Protection Agency categorizes cleaning solutions as environmentally safe products via the “Safer Choice” label.


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