Next Steps for Relocating to Barbados From the US

Whether you’re returning to your roots or just looking to get in on the island life, now is a fantastic time to consider making the move to Barbados! Alongside the usual warm Barbadian welcome, Barbados currently offers visas for foreigners working remotely to do so in the island’s warm weather instead. If you know Barbados is part of your story moving forward, here are the next steps for relocating to Barbados from the US.

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Apply for Your Visa

There are multiple ways to get a visa that allows you to live in Barbados. The most exciting visa option is currently the Barbados 12-Month Welcome Stamp program. To apply for the Welcome Stamp, you need to pay a $2,000 fee as an individual ($3,000 for families), verify that you have private health insurance, and submit a passport-sized photograph. After a few other small verifications, you can continue the work-from-home job you have now but make a living from the comfort of an island villa instead!

Next Steps for Relocating to Barbados From the US

Find Somewhere To Live

Once you’ve received approval, you need to find somewhere to stay on the island. Barbados is home to a wide variety of property types, from small, cozy villas to luxury, resort-like homes. Every region of the island offers something slightly different, but no matter what coast you choose to live on, taxis can get you where you need to go.

It’s important to consider how long you’d like to stay and what kind of investments you’re willing to make on the island. The decision to rent or buy a home on the island can be difficult, as each option offers unique advantages.

Brush Up on the Local Language

Finally, consider acquainting yourself with the local language before you go. While the national language in Barbados is British English, you’re sure to hear the Bajan dialect the moment you set foot on the island. Bajan is a combination of English and West African influences, and locals use it often in casual and conversational settings.

Once you’ve followed these steps for relocating to Barbados from the US, you’ll just need to start packing. The flight to the island is under four hours for Floridians and nearly eight hours for Californians, but you’ll forget a few hours of not being able to stretch your legs when you’re walking on the beach!


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