Common Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

Caribbean homes are extravagant. No one wants their oceanfront property to have issues, but occasionally, troubles arise. One of which is a broken sewer line, which has many issues you must watch out for. Here are some common signs your sewer line needs repair that you’ll want to know to protect your house and yard.

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Sewage Backups

Sewage backup applies to consistent plumbing issues where sewage backs up every time you flush. While backups or blockages happen, consistent blockages are a strong indicator of issues with your sewer line. Check throughout your entire home’s drainage system to see if more than one drain clogs. If so, there’s a sewer line that needs repair.

Slow Drains

Similarly, slow drains are not inherently a cause for alarm. Usually, a plunger or spider tool can unclog the problematic drain. However, if unclogging techniques fail, you may need to call a professional sewer line service to remedy the situation. That’s because clogged large drains require repair on the direct line rather than through individual drains. Professional sewer maintenance crews will inspect the adjacent sewer line and conduct the appropriate excavation technique to remedy the situation.

Odorous Water

If your water smells odorous, that’s a clear sign something is wrong with your water main. Intact sewer lines are airtight, meaning no odor escapes. Sulfuric smells, like rotten eggs, indicate a breakage in that line. If you smell sulfur or other toxic fumes, call a plumber right away. Also, avoid drinking or bathing in the water until a plumber resolves the issue. You don’t want to get sick from drinking contaminated water, as sewage water contains harmful bacteria.

Septic Waste

With that, septic waste is a common sign your sewer line needs repair; in fact, it’s the most obvious sign of a broken sewer line or water main. Damaged outdoor sewer lines may cause pools of septic waste throughout your yard. This causes unpleasant smells and sights and damages your landscape. Again, as with any of these issues, call a professional to fix the situation. They have the tools to repair your sewer line and save your yard.


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