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Transitioning to natural hair? Radically changing your hair routine can feel really overwhelming. But you can learn and get inspiration from a whole community of natural hair gurus online. And of course, our Caribbean naturalistas lead the pack, with stunning styles and tons of routine hacks. So next time you’re looking out for hairstyle ideas or product recommendations, check out these naturalistas with island roots below.


Popular youtuber (and Jamaican-American) Whitney White of Naptural85 has long ruled the nest among the online naturalista community, thanks to her approachable, girl-next-door guidance through her natural hair journey. We’re checking in for her no-fuss styles, from bouncy wash-and-go looks, to her chic braid-outs. She has even launched her own natural hair brand, Melanin Hair Care, offering a streamlined product line adaptable for many hairstyles.


Dominican native and youtube Alba Ramos of @sunkissalba truly lives up to her naturalista hair goddess moniker. She advocates for organic, non-toxic beauty. So she takes a super clean living approach to her hair routine, either using all-natural products and DIYs. Ramos has also collaborated with Derm-E to create her own beauty oil, which can be used for both hair and skin care.


Haitian-American media consultant Lisa Jean Francois is eternally stylish from head to toe. Her instagram @lisaalamode is filled with a slew of fabulous outfits. But we also love Lisa’s stunning curls, especially her lovely asymmetrical cut perfect for pompadours. Check her out for dreamy shorter styles, and the perfect way to style your curls with hats.


Bold color can feel scary for new naturalistas, so that’s why we love the ever-changing hues of Bajan beauty V of @soulxgasma. Scroll through her Instagram and her youtube account, and you’ll find a rainbow of gorgeous colors to try, from sea foam green to cheerful pink. But we’re partial to her stunning platinum curls. Follow her to learn how to try on crazy colors, while keeping your curls lush and healthy.



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