Nathalie and Brian James - Caribbean Power Couple
Nathalie and Brian James - Caribbean Power Couple | Photography: David I. Muir

There are many things you can stumble upon while crossing the quads at the University of Miami. For Brian Theophilus James and Nathalie Cadet-James, in each other this Caribbean power couple discovered love and lifetime travel partners as fellow law students. “I still remember the first time I saw her walking across the law school courtyard, definitely very striking,” Brian recalls fondly. Nearly 20 years later, their journey has proven epic with many memorable landmarks, including the birth of their two beloved daughters, Johanna and Lucca.

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Exposing their girls to diverse cultural experiences has also become a personal joy for the couple, who are avid travelers. Family trips have included taking a camper van to the mountains of Colorado, traveling across Europe exploring museums, and going back to Brian’s native island of St. Thomas to visit his old haunts. These trips in particular provide an opportunity for their children to learn and appreciate their Caribbean heritage, says Nathalie, who is Haitian-American. “It’s really important that our children carry that sense of connection. Our children are the best reflection of our sense of pride in our roots.”

No matter where the next journey takes them—hopefully in a future with an early retirement spent globetrotting, jokes Brian—the couple has learned to take new challenges in stride. “In marriage we all evolve, and I think that has made it an exciting journey for us,” says Nathalie. “It’s all about being committed, and staying the course.”


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