Holiday Decor

Whether dressing your home or yourself, sometimes less is more. During the budget busting holidays however, more is generally the way to go when it comes to holiday decor!

As a fashion and interior designer, I know that with a little creativity it’s possible to achieve high end looks on a thrifty budget. I call it living like a “Thrifty Trillionaire.” Use some of these tips to dial up your own level of fabulous.

Mixed Metals Decor

Photography David I. Muir

Mixed metals—silver and gold finishes together—create contrast and richness. Or mix bling with burlap for example, for a cultured, well-traveled aesthetic.

High and Low Holiday

Holiday Decor
Photography David I. Muir

There’s no price tag when it come the holiday cheer. So don’t be afraid to mix high and low! Pair a $200 novelty reindeer with a $10 mottled, large silver vase from the thrift store, filled with architecturally interesting leaves and flowers from your garden.

Think Outside the Box

Photography David I. Muir

Break large branches off of trees and spray them with metallic paints. Use beautiful curtains or spreads from your linen closet for table cloths. If in your travels you bought a fabulous pashmina, why not include it casually thrown across an eclectic tablescape? Shop dollar stores for holiday glassware, metallic plates and linen napkins. You’ll be surprised by what you find.

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