Caribbean Carnivals East Coast
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Trinidad and Tobago may still lay claim to the heart of Caribbean Carnivals, but don’t sleep on the amazing celebrations the East Coast of the United States has to offer. Every year the East Coast plays host to a bevy of vibrant events, from Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee, Atlanta to Boston. These cultural cornerstones show just have much Caribbean cultural influence has grown over the years, beyond the community. To show you how lively it is, check out the list of Caribbean Carnivals on the East Coast below:

Miami Carnival

Just before Columbus Day, Miami Carnival lights up Magic City in a riot of color at this annual event. The carnival parade attracts an estimated 18,000 participants and performers, including over 50,000 spectators. Experience great Caribbean music, costumes, concerts, competitions, art, traditions and culture during this event. Miami Carnival usually includes a roster of events leading up to the bit showcase, such as the popular Junior Carnival, J’ouvert and Panorama.

Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival

When it comes to Carnival, South Florida proves far from the only game in town. We can thank the annual Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival for bring the fete a little up north. The Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival showcases not only music, dance and costumes, but also a variety of island flavors. Aside from dancing on the streets, you can also enjoy the flavors and aromas of classic Caribbean dishes during their popular food festival.

Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival

Mas fans can expect a bevy of music, food, and fun for the whole family at the annual Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival! Celebrate Caribbean-American culture at this popular cultural showcase. The carnival launched back in 2005 and has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Over 10,000 visitors are estimated during this annual event in Tampa Bay. The carnival features elegant, colorful and energetic bands during the parade.

Tallahassee Caribbean Carnival


This free event for the public brings the Caribbean culture in the streets of Tallahassee. Launched in 2018, the event marks a joint effort between the vibrant Caribbean Student Associations at Florida A&M University and Florida State University. Tallahassee Caribbean Carnival includes a epic concert with soca stars and sound systems, as well as the colorful main parade.

Atlanta Caribbean Carnival

When it comes to Carnival celebrations in south., thank god “Hotlanta” is holding down the fort with the annual Atlanta Carnival. First held way back 1988, the event has become a huge success, bringing in thousands of visitors to the city for their jouvert and main carnival parade, where mas bands compete with each other for the title of best band. An event for everyone who want to experience a time of their lives.

Boston Caribbean Carnival

New England may be the last place you’d expect a Trinidadian-style carnival. But come August, the weekend before Labor Day, the street heat up at the annual Boston Caribbean Carnival. First launched in 1973, the event had grown into a calendar of activities, including a Kiddies Carnival, King and Queen show, and Jouvert parade. In addition to the main parade, the Carnival is also known for their signature Face Mask Jouvert Cruise around Boston Harbor.

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