Tips for Creating a Casual Summer Wardrobe

Your apparel can make all the difference as to whether you thrive in the summer heat or not. Retailers have found clandestine ways to make their apparel appear summer appropriate, but don’t let them fool you. Adopt these tips for creating a casual summer wardrobe, so you can appreciate clothing options that offer both fashion and function.

Adopt a Style That Incorporates Comfort

Some fashion trends prioritize comfort more than others. Give yourself a more versatile summer repertoire by pulling clothing inspiration from different styles that promote wearer comfort without compromising fashion.

Popular Comfortable Styles

Tips for Creating a Casual Summer Wardrobe

In recent years, athleisure has become a go-to summertime look. The boho style also makes a fierce comeback in the warmer months for its loose and breezy materials. The steps to building a boho look are easy, too, making it an accessible fashion trend even for those who claim they’re the least fashion savvy.

Reconsider Your Shoe Game

A stunning pair of heels might boost your fashion clout… but at what cost? Reconsider how you invest in your shoe game. Do you buy shoes for their durability and comfort or to color coordinate with that one dress you seldom wear?

Prioritize Fashion and Function

Plenty of brands maximize both the fashion and function of their shoes, so you can enjoy a night out without your ankles, shins, or foot arches paying the price. If you’re dying to splurge on a cool pair of kicks that don’t supply comfort, consider using a sole insert to protect your feet from cramping up or blistering when strutting around.

Drop the Purse for a Tote

Tips for Creating a Casual Summer Wardrobe

We can’t round out our tips for creating a casual summer wardrobe without some accessory guidance. Totes make a convenient and charming addition to almost any summer outfit, especially the ones that lack pockets. A cotton tote can typically stow more than a purse, yet totes’ materials are less bulky.

Why Totes Are the Summer Accessory

Because most totes are canvas or cotton, they’re lightweight and commonly offered in a complementary, neutral tone, making them the ultimate laidback accessory. Because these bags have become so popular for everyday wear, you’ll likely find one online with a unique graphic print or design that suits your aesthetic.


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