Roman Kandle, a South Florida menswear line founded by Bahamian fashion designer Denis Kersaint, embodies the fusion of casual and formal wear as a mid-luxury brand suitable for all occasions. Inspired by the ethos that “Fashion is Art,” Roman Kandle encourages individuals to express their creativity through vibrant tropical prints and colors. The brand captures the authentic South Florida vibe, reflecting the region’s diverse culture and environment through a rich array of multi-colored combinations and prints. From day to night, Roman Kandle offers comfortable yet stylish options that cater to every unique style, bridging the gap between casual relaxation and formal elegance.

With its sun-drenched hues and bright colors mirroring the South Florida landscape, Roman Kandle fulfills the longstanding need for genuine South Florida clothing. It appeals to the fashion-forward everyday man, providing a versatile wardrobe from casual slacks and polo shirts for daytime outings to sophisticated dress shirts for evening gatherings. Roman Kandle’s universal appeal lies in its ability to merge the essence of South Florida flair with timeless elegance, offering a fresh and exciting look cherished by individuals seeking quality and authenticity in their attire.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

Like many young boys, I wanted to be a professional football player when I grew up. However, the program in my community was shut down due to a lack of funding in the Miami Beach area. I also loved basketball and was inspired by Allen Iverson, but I was often overlooked because of my height; I was a late bloomer. But this is when my passion for fashion started. Roman Kandle lived in mind even then.

I discovered Coogi and Versace from Tupac and Biggie Smalls. I never looked back from that moment; I believed my vision would manifest itself because I knew some men looked like me. Roman Kandle is the embodiment of my South Florida culture. I want to give big, tall men that swagger I saw in Biggie.

5 Questions with the Bahamian Fashion Designer Behind Roman Kandle

How do you define success?

One word: “JOY.” Many people define success by their bank account, but success, from my point of view, isn’t something that can be measured by money. Roman Kandle is designed around the moments in a man’s life that give him joy. Getting married, having a family or obtaining a degree is a triumphant moment where men want to look as good as they feel. The primary definition of success is looking back on where you started, knowing you accomplished your goals and ambitions. 

Would you run your business any differently if given $50 million? How so?

Yes. If I had $50 million to invest in Roman Kandle, 90% would be allocated to marketing. Most people would assume that I’m referring to exposure because the more people recognize your brand, the higher the percentage of sales. But I believe the more funds a company has, the better they can articulate exactly what they’re selling or the service that they’re providing. Similar to how hip-hop artists would rent luxury houses and vehicles for their music videos. The better Roman Kandel consumers can visualize our product and relate or aspire to it, the better they understand our company and are more likely to support it.

How do you build yourself back up in moments of self-doubt or adversity?

What helps me the most in trying times is my faith in God. It might be alarming, but what encourages me is also my doubters and haters. We often confuse the two, but doubters can be close friends and family members who love you but doubt your actions for whatever reason. Haters are the people who, regardless of how great of an accomplishment, will never give their validation. My mentality of “DO IT or BE BROKE!” also comes to mind.

I’ve had near-death experiences, so the “there’s no tomorrow” approach is what has allowed me to be this far in life and my current profession as a real estate agent. It also fueled me to realize my vision of creating my menswear fashion line, Roman Kandle. 

What would you tell yourself ten or twenty years ago that you wish you knew then?

If I spoke to myself ten or twenty years ago, I would tell myself to be more mature. Like many people in America, I grew up in an environment where I had to grow up faster than I expected or wanted. I’m the second oldest child out of seven. So, I had to lead by example for my younger siblings. I had to learn that after finding myself in multiple unfortunate situations. I’m thankful for a mindset that allows me to pick myself back up; many others are not so lucky.

5 Questions with the Bahamian Fashion Designer Behind Roman Kandle

Rapid Fire Bahamian Culture Q&A

Which island in the Bahamas are you from?


What three things do you think every first-time visitor to the Bahamas should do? 

Every first-time visitor should go reef snorkeling. My design for Roman Kandle reflects the Bahamas culture. I can see first-time visitors enjoying a day reef snorkeling, then rum tasting and feeding wild stingrays right at the beach. These are some things I am looking forward to when I return! 

What is your favorite thing to do while in the Bahamas?

I haven’t been there in many years, but when I return with my two sons, my favorite thing will be sharing the Bahamas with them. My heritage is very important to me, and I look forward to eating and enjoying the fun activities only the Bahamas offers. 

Favorite indulgence in the Bahamas?

The food, period.


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