Top Tips for Renting Out Your Vacation Home

Vacation homes allow individuals to enjoy spontaneous getaways and planned escapes. They are also a worthwhile investment when rented to others. Follow our top tips for renting out your vacation home to enjoy not only a permanent vacation spot but a passive income as well.

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Choose How You Will Rent

Top Tips for Renting Out Your Vacation Home

There are many options for the renting process of a vacation home. Let’s take a look at the top three:

  • VRBO — VRBO offers vacation rental by owner and gives online access for homeowners to place their rental on the site. Therefore, vacationers can search for the perfect vacation rental.
  • Airbnb — This website works quite similarly to VRBO. The difference is Airbnb allows even a room to be rented, whereas VRBO is entire homes.
  • — Just like Airbnb, individuals can list any type of rental on this website.

Each site is user friendly and often used by vacationers when heading to their computer in search of a vacation rental.

Property Management

Every rental comes with some cost, even if you own the home. We highly recommend you include a full-service rental property management service in that cost.

Your vacation home is likely far away from where you live. It’s pretty tough to help renters in need who are staying at your island escape in the Caribbean while you’re shoveling snow in your northern home.

A property manager works with you, so the property is watched over and taken care of while meeting the renters’ needs.

Keep the Home Inviting

Top Tips for Renting Out Your Vacation Home

Of course, you want to design your vacation home to suit your taste. Still, consider creating an inviting atmosphere that remains neutral for all guests to enjoy. Here are some ideas to easily make that happen:

  • Neutral and relaxing wall colors, such as white and light gray
  • Fluffy down comforters and pillows that beckon rest
  • Fully furnished kitchens for cooking gourmet meals
  • Overstuffed couches and chairs that welcome relaxation
  • Flooring material that’s stylish and easy to sweep (especially for beach rentals)

Unfortunately, renting your vacation home means you might have a lack of personal décor and photos. If that’s very important to you, though, consider bringing a few during your vacation time; simply take them down for guests.

Block Off Your Time

Top Tips for Renting Out Your Vacation Home

After preparing a beautiful vacation home for yourself and others, listing it, and securing management, don’t forget to block off time for you to enjoy the space.

On all vacation home rental sites, the owner can block off time on the calendar when the home is booked. Planning ahead assures you can enjoy your house to the fullest.

In conclusion, use these tips for renting out your vacation home to make the process simple and earn a passive income.


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