A picture of a Caribbean woman wearing a floral pant suit.
Nutmeg Caribbean Mint Robe. Photo: IG @feism_

Can you stay safe in style? Apparently so! These Caribbean designers have created collections of comfy and protective luxury clothing that we can all enjoy, especially during the lockdown. While the downsides of the COVID-19 pandemic are glaring, here’s one of the ups that we can be thankful for. We can spend our time in quarantine alone or with family dressed in the coziest luxury clothing available.

Luxury Robe by Fe Noel 

Looking for something more glam than sweat pants? We love the luxurious Nutmeg Caribbean Mint Robe by designer Felisha Noel, a Brooklyn-based womenswear designer of Grenadian descent. The multi-color robe features Noel’s fun nutmeg pattern, inspired by the island’s signature spice. Fe Noel’s pieces feels just right for right now, as the brand is known for showcasing loose fits, bold patterns and vibrant colors — all features unmistakably reflective of the islands.

Hot Yoga Pants by Sexy Sweats 


These chic, seamless Bianca Leggings are designed to be worn for workouts or simply as a casual style statement. The topnotch, sophisticated stitching technique gives slimming illusions, and the high-waist cut enhances your silhouette. Melissa Dufour, the Haitian-American activewear designer behind Sexy Sweats, has become known for her innovative techniques and brilliant colors.

Cozy Sweatshirts by William McIntosh

This is not your usual sweatshirt. Trinidadian designer William McIntosh provides a unique spin on the classic with his simple, yet clean Turtleneck Box T-shirt. The shirt is easy to style, breathable and comfortable, made from lightweight scuba knit fabric. As a contemporary streetwear designer, McIntosh, focuses on a natural aesthetic inspired by both tropical and urban influences, and actively seeks to diversify the Caribbean fashion landscape.

Cozy Sweater by Rue 107 

This bohemian Aja Sweater is the handiwork of New York-based Haitian designer, Marie Jean-Baptiste, the designer behind Rue 107. The statement cropped sweater is made from a relaxing polyester knit, and pairs easily with other pieces. Jean-Baptiste’s expressive and euphoric style takes inspiration from the colors and culture of her Creole heritage, beautifully melded with New York chicness.

Face Masks by Keva J 


If you’re lucky enough to spend your quarantine by the poolside, why not get a stylish face mask to match your bikini? This Keva J matching set fulfills this dream, featured a breathable, washable mask that’s also fashionable. It features a 3D-shape tailored to snugly fit the face, ensuring tightness while simultaneously increasing the mask’s breathing volume. The woman responsible for the Caribbean swimwear brand, Keva J, is of Jamaican descent, and channels her cultural background with vivid colors and prints.

Glam Masks by the MASKulture Project 

Caribbean designers quarantine
Arenal mask by The Maskulture Project.

Trinidadian designer, Sarah Jane Wadell, founder of SJW Designs, began the MASKulture Project in response to the mandate for people around the world to protect themselves as much as possible when outdoors and lower the chances of virus spread. The MASKulture Masks sport two 100% cotton layers and a non-woven filter. They are reversible, washable and comfortable, allowing you to reflect your style while you protect yourself. The brand will also donate one mask for every one purchased.

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