Nicole White Home Design2

Global, Modern, Eclectic

Interior Designer Nicole White Breaks Down Her Vibrant Style Writer Monique McIntosh | Photography Jennifer Hillstead South Florida homes couldn't look more chic than they do in the hands...

Beautiful Gifts by Haitian Artisans You Can Support Online

Artisanship is the bedrock of creative small businesses throughout the Caribbean. This is especially true in Haiti, as a new generation of Haitian artisans entrepreneurs have played...
Caribbean Designer tableware

Create a Stylish Dinner with This Caribbean Designer Tableware

When it comes to preparing a meal, a beautiful presentation can make a dish taste extra delicious, just as much as any seasoning. With this in mind,...
How To Prepare Your Yard for Hurricane Season

How To Prepare Your Yard for Hurricane Season

When you live by the coast, knowing how to prepare your yard for hurricane season is essential to protecting your home. Read about the top recommendations.
5 Characteristics of Caribbean Interior Design

5 Characteristics of Caribbean Interior Design

Wherever you live, get closer to the Caribbean with beautiful interior design. Explore the characteristics of the Caribbean aesthetic and transform your space.
Afro-Caribbean accessories

Celebrate Your Afro-Caribbean Roots With Stylish Designer Accessories

Wear your Afro-Caribbean roots proudly on your sleeve with these thoughtful designer fashion and home decor accessories. All made by creatives across the Caribbean diaspora, these special...
Reasons To Use Throw Pillows at Home

3 Reasons You Need To Add Throw Pillows to Your Shopping List

Learn the top reasons to use throw pillows at home. Whether they’re in the living room or bedroom, they make a big impact on a home's atmosphere.
How To Make Your Home More Tropical

How To Make Your Home More Tropical

Looking to achieve a more beautiful, breezy feel in your home? Read about some ways to get the tropical ambience you crave in all of your favorite spaces.

Stock Up on These 10 Vibrant Items from Caribbean Artisans

From home goods to accessories, these designer pieces from Caribbean artisans in South Florida and beyond prove museum worthy.  Art To Table:...

The Best Professional Interior Design Tips for Creating a Multi-Purpose Home

In this past year, many of us retreated into our homes, reimagining both their purpose and their possibilities. The home is now much more than...