How To Prepare Your Yard for Hurricane Season

During hurricane season, you have to prepare your home inside and out for the possibility of a tropical storm. And having easy-to-store lawn furniture is as important as packing away things in your yard to protect your home. So, if you’re wondering how to prepare your yard for hurricane season, this article has you covered!

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Trim Trees and Branches

During a tropical storm, your beautiful landscaping may take the brunt of the destruction. Start preparing your yard by trimming away any dead branches on trees or bushes since both will probably break when strong winds and rain push on them. As you do this, be careful not to cut trees in a way that makes them top-heavy.

Many people recommend planting trees and shrubs that can withstand strong winds, but before you do this, ensure the new plants are an appropriate distance from your home. Otherwise, they may hit your house during a storm. Also, reinforce any new or young trees to lessen the chances that they’ll snap because of strong winds.

Store Away Lawn Furniture

Just as you need to tend to landscape, you should also move lawn furniture into storage to prepare your yard for a storm. Stow large pieces of furniture like outdoor couches or tables away in your shed or garage.

How To Prepare Your Yard for Hurricane Season

Likewise, move smaller pieces and potted plants indoors. For example, you should bring a flag inside if you fly one. Normally, you would have to make sure the flagpole remains properly reinforced and ready to face high winds. But, if you own a telescoping flagpole, you can take it down and store it. This is because one of the many advantages of a telescoping flagpole is that it’s easy to install and put away.

Prepare Early

Don’t wait for a storm to start. Instead, prepare your home and garden before a storm hits. When you’re under pressure, you may forget a few vital steps, and you need to prepare your home inside and out. In addition to moving outdoor furniture and trimming trees, you should:

  • Shut off water, gas, and electricity, according to what local officials say.
  • Reinforce doors and windows with shutters.
  • Turn off irrigation systems.

Keeping your home and family safe during a tropical storm is of the utmost importance. By knowing how to prepare your yard for hurricane season, you’re already moving in the right direction. Prepare your home before the storm hits and listen to what local officials state to keep everyone safe.


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