3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Bar

A home bar is a must-have for some, especially if you love hosting loved ones or want a space to relax. You can have all the fun of a bar in the comfort of your home and decorate it as you please for the perfect ambiance. Check out these tips for creating the perfect home bar for inspiration!

Think of a Theme

Creating the Perfect Home Bar

Just like any other room in your home, you’ll need a décor theme. Some like an intimate feel with dim lighting and leather seating, but that isn’t for everyone. As you start planning, take time to consider the following:

  • Backsplash: Pick out a specific pattern to add subtle pops of color.
  • Countertops: Decide whether you want granite, quartz, or another material.
  • Decorations: Plan how you’ll accent the space; some use reclaimed wood.

The drink holders you use could also improve your home bar’s ambience. Try having a variety of glasses according to what types of drinks you like to drink. Nothing beats drinking a Moscow mule out of an authentic copper mug. And one great benefit to copper drinkware is that it will keep each beverage icy cold!

Get Creative

You may feel unsure of what would look best, so start simple and outline what you like most. If you prefer minimalist fashion, keep the design sleek and clean. But if you want something that showcases your eco-friendly side, then upcycle old materials. You could transform old wine bottles into a chandelier or spray paint them to create a corner accent.

Creating the Perfect Home Bar

Have a Great Layout

You may have limited room for an at-home bar, but that shouldn’t stop you from being strategic with the space you choose! Pick an open space, so it’s easy to socialize and entertain anytime you have guests.

Another tip for creating the perfect home bar is to move it outside. An outdoor bar is perfect for individuals living in scenic areas, such as in the mountains or by the beach. When you live by the ocean, you can use the view as the ultimate decoration for your bar!

Creating the Perfect Home Bar

Decide on Storage

The storage system you use may depend on how you decorate your bar. For example, you may want to use glass or reflective shelving in a contemporary bar, but that won’t work for a patio bar. Likewise, you may want to incorporate a few alcohol bottles or drink holders to accent the space, but you can’t leave everything out.

Some people even DIY their own storage systems to showcase the theme, but you could just as easily use a liquor cabinet. Everyone has a different decorating style, and what’s most important is that you love spending time in your bar.


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