Island Origins SEORA Ganja Inspired Couture

Young, high fashion mogul Shampagne is taking over Jamaica with her brand, SEORA, featuring custom designs ranging from upcycled vintage garb to edgy street fashion looks, all embodying Caribbean couture. She says, “I always knew that whatever I did or made, I wanted Jamaican culture, Caribbean culture to be at the heart of it.”

Black Business body

“My mom was a designer, so I grew up seeing her make clothing,” she recalled, thinking back on what inspired her to get into the industry. Shampagne was also heavily influenced by the dramatic, colorful Carnival designs that boldly display the Caribbean community’s love and celebration of culture 一 even initially wanting to become a Carnival costume designer herself.

High Fashion

  • Model: Kadiya McDonald
  • Photographer: JP Williams
  • Stylist: Shampagne
  • Wardrobe: SEORA CLOTHING taffeta and mesh three-piece marijuana-inspired set.

Inspired by the lack of female representation in skate culture and the taboo nature of marijuana, Shampagne wanted to represent Rastafarianism and pay homage to under-represented groups. “Women in skateboarding are not being talked about, women that can smoke marijuana and also be a model and also be a business owner are not being talked about,” she said. The point was to prove that women can be all of these things and still be taken seriously. 

Made out of crushed taffeta and mesh, the three-piece set was meant to represent the look of a marijuana bud while also being able to move freely for active skating. Accentuated with a pearl necklace and earrings, the look perfectly combines elements of old-school flair with new-age street fashion. “If I’m going to talk about women empowerment and the modern woman, I’d like to also have an element that’s sort of vintage,” Shampagne noted.

Nice Up The Dance

  • Model: Kabaka Pyramid
  • Photographer: Shaquiel Brooks
  • Stylist: Shampagne
  • Wardrobe: SEORA CLOTHING vintage white denim with printed silk.

When asked to create something vintage for Reggae singer Kabaka Pyramid’s “Nice Up The Dance” music video, Shampagne knew she needed to make something bold. The designer initially drew inspiration from Shaba Ranks, a popular Jamaican artist known for denim suits, and decided to create a vintage-looking denim jacket and pants set, choosing a creamy white instead of the traditional blue.

The unique white denim encases an orange and green printed shirt that matches the crates on set, intentionally using silky fabric so that the light would bounce off the shirt. To go along with the vintage look, Shampagne chose to add thick gold chains and a teal, printed handkerchief in Pyramid’s back pocket, representative of 1980s dance hall days and Jamaican “raggamuffin” culture. 

Lala’s Nutmeg

  • Model: Lauren Tomlinson
  • Photographer: James Mitchell
  • Stylist: Shampagne
  • Wardrobe: SEORA CLOTHING white, two-piece peasant set with traditional Jamaican bandana head wrap.

After opening a vegan restaurant in Jamaica, model and owner of Lala’s Nutmeg, Lauren Tomlinson, really wanted to emphasize the farm-to-table importance of this new venture. To emulate this, Shampagne designed a modernized banana skirt set and head tie representing traditional Jamaican apparel but with a modern twist. The white set with plaid trimmings and the matching bandana represent what Shampagne calls Jamaican “bandana days,” adding natural elements with historical significance to create something that feels innately Jamaican while still looking fresh. 

SEORA: Caribbean Couture
SEORA designer Shampagne

Shampagne is currently working on releasing a sunset-themed loungewear collection called “Paradise” later this year that will be available to the public. To stay up-to-date on what’s new, follow @seoraco and @shampagnex on Instagram.




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