Designer Charles C. Dieujuste launched Scorcesa for new age bridal.

Charles C. Dieujuste launched Scorcesa to change the landscape of style for the modern woman, particularly for ever-important bridal wear. The goal was to design a brand that speaks to new age bridal for the modern bride looking for a unique but not overly conceptualized piece that can transcend time. Sprinkled with modern luxuries are romantic elements that speak to Dieujuste’s Haitian heritage, like beadwork, delicate draping or twists on 19th Century Caribbean fashion. When asked why bridal in particular, Dieujuste lit up. “It’s a very personal experience and a special moment in their life that they’re sharing. I just felt like I was coming into my purpose,” he said.

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But the road has not been easy for the New York-based designer. After putting himself through school while simultaneously interning with a design brand and holding down a job, the long days and nights left Dieujuste discouraged. The decision to move back to his native island of Haiti allowed the designer the affordability and infrastructure to further develop the label. However, when the catastrophic 2010 earthquake hit, Dieujuste nearly lost everything. But from the rubble, he rebuilt and reconceptualized his dedication to the fashion industry.

“Design was always something in the back of my head I knew I wanted to accomplish,” he said, recalling the process. The COVID-19 pandemic was the push Dieujuste needed to step out on his own. Combining his grandmothers’ names, he created Scorcesa. 

Spring | Summer 2022, Court House Couture

Photos: Brandon Wyche | @wyche_studios

Scorcesa: Stunning New Age Bridal Wear That Defies the Ordinary

This piece from one of Scorcesa’s earlier collections was inspired by the theme of a “courthouse bride.” Though a fitted form sweeping out into a draped hemline is a more conventional silhouette, the effortless dress is made modern with the brand’s signature high neckline and hint of boning on the bodice. Designed with the intention of being a lifelong piece rather than a one-day wear, the dress was made entirely out of silk fabric, which can be dyed to create a completely different look after the nuptials.

Scorcesa: Stunning New Age Bridal Wear That Defies the Ordinary

Fashioned from an airy silk satin, this two-piece set is a modern bride’s dream. With an affinity for separates, Dieujuste drew inspiration from his mother’s Creole-influenced wardrobe to design this daring bridal look as a versatile piece that will never end up in the back of a closet. “It’s a contemporary take on bridal, marrying elements of my heritage, the things that I would see my mother or grandmother wear growing up as a child, and our modern life,” Dieujuste said. The structured top is an ode to Victorian era necklines, offering a modern take on a countess’ gown, while the pleated, high-waisted trousers speak to the confident modern-day woman.

Autumn | Winter 2022, Marriage en Provence

Photos: Hadriel Gonzalez | @HadrielGonzalez

A modern take on bridal color schemes, this black-and-white silk crepe jumpsuit with a detachable cape catches the eye from every direction. “When I created this piece, I was figuring out what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life,” Dieujuste said. “Black resonates to me as more of a death, and then the white is like being born again. Where this [inspiration] truly lies was in my transitional phase.” For an extra element of surprise, the black cape features a statement bow that adds elegance and a soft feminine touch to the unique piece.

With a sleek frame, thigh-high slit and 1800s-inspired muted princess sleeves, this silk crepe dress pays homage to both the traditionalism of the past and the rebellious spirit of a contemporary bride. For a twist on 19th Century high society attire, the side profile of the dress features an unexpected soft bustle right below the waistline.

Spring | Summer 2023, Modern Pearl

Photos: JD Barnes | @JDthecombo

Scorcesa: New Age Bridal Wear

Androgyny is at the forefront of this silk brocade set. The two-piece double breasted suit goes against the grain of traditional wedding wear for women, which Dieujuste says was partly inspired by LGBTQ+ inclusivity. “I’m in the business of understanding the psyche of my clientele. It’s great to be artistic, but I also feel like part of the artistry calls for collaborating with your clients’ needs,” he said. While the front of the suit is tailored to a masculine aesthetic, the hourglass shaped blazer, thin pleat on the pants and a deceptive open back brings in feminine touches. 

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