Barbadian beauty Rihanna proves that sensory overload can be an amazing thing with her 2021 Savage X Fenty show. This extravaganza of diverse body sizes, gender identities, characters and designs is not your typical walk down the runway. As one commenter said, her third fashion showing has blown away the Valentinos and Ralph Laurens of the world. 

Black Business body

More of a performance art exhibition than a standard display of style, the event takes place in a multi-story building — even on it’s helipad on top and the streets below — with dancers and models wearing a variety of outfits from Savage X Fenty, Rihanna’s lingerie line. A drone camera weaves in and out between the flawlessly choreographed dancers, who pour every ounce of energy from their writhing bodies into the 40 minute Amazon Prime performance, using the staircases, gallery hallways, atrium, glass elevators and stark rooms of the building as their stage.

Savage X Fenty Show

Cameos by names like Cindy Crawford, Erykah Badu and Adriana Lima, and performances by artists like Nas and Ricky Martin dot the showcase. But the “everyday” models really are the stars. Some were thin and traditional looking, others were thick and curvy, sporting stretch marks and cellulite, and presenting their perfectly imperfect bodies in the most sensual of ways. Men were not to be left out — Rihanna has created sexy costumes for their private pleasure as well.

Dazzling makeup and intricate hair styling spectacularly finished everything off. If you haven’t yet seen it, for an artistic performance extravaganza, it’s well worth 40 minutes of your life.

See James Corden’s hilarious visit to the set of the Savage X Fenty show.


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