PHILADELPHIA, PA, January 22, 2024 — Prajjé Oscar is pleased to launch its newest Automne-Hiver 2024 Collection, “Revolūtiō.” The Collection is set to captivate audiences across multiple cities when it makes it’s debut at various fashion weeks, bringing a blend of style, culture, and empowerment. Each runway show promises an immersive experience, allowing fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the media to witness the fusion of creativity and elegance that defines Prajjé Oscar.

“Revolūtiō,” Prajje Oscar Automne-Hiver Streetwear collection, is a vivid homage to the indomitable spirit of the Haitian people, inspired by the recent KPK movement in the Republic of Haiti. This Collection stands as a luminous testament to resilience, rebellion, and rebirth, echoing the chants of a nation rising against injustice. At the heart of “Revolūtiō” lies the spirit of the 1804 Haitian Revolution.

The Collection seamlessly fuses streetwear elements with Avant-garde, forging a radiant intersection of style and substance. The BSAP – a custom modern and vibrant floral camouflage – becomes the emblematic motif, symbolizing growth, defiance, and the blossoming of a new era. Oversized jackets dominate the silhouette, while clean, tailored military-inspired outerwear adds a structured edge. Yet, amidst the bold lines and robust designs, the Prajje Oscar feminine touch remains unmistakably present, weaving elegance into every ensemble.

We are also excited to announce our collaboration with SheWorkz, a creative concept specializing in Millinery ready-to-wear and Couture hats by designer Rasheda Hall-Clark for Prajjé Oscar. This unique partnership brings forth a specialized line of headwear exclusively designed to complement and elevate the avant-garde aesthetic of the “Revolūtiō” Collection.

With a shared commitment to pushing creative boundaries, Prajjé Oscar and SheWorkz are set to redefine the intersection of fashion and millinery, offering a collection of hats that seamlessly integrates with the bold and revolutionary spirit of “Revolūtiō.”

Prajjé Oscar's "Revolūtiō" Collection Set to Captivate Audiences Across Multiple Cities

Show Dates:

  • New York Fashion Week: February 9, New York -Rise
  • Philly Fashion Week: February 25, Philadelphia
  • Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week: March 28, Arkansas – INTERFORM

“I’m thrilled to share this Collection, bringing my vision of empowerment and style to diverse and broader audiences. This Collection is more than fashion; it’s a movement, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Prajjé O. Jean-Baptiste


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